Learn About Canopy Road Cafe And Mervs!

How did Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs come about?

I met David, my partner, freshman year in the same dorm at FSU. We were best friends through college, and then after internships and moving to different cities, we reconnected after he bought The Lunchbox, a place where we both worked in college. I had been in hospitality for years, and had bar tended, served and managed at restaurants over the years. He persuaded me to move back to Tally from my hometown of Tampa and start Canopy Road. A couple years after we expanded to a second location, we brought on a good buddy Omar, as a third partner and opened Merv’s Handcrafted Melts. We had wanted to move into fast casual and had a concept for a hot sandwich concept, as we felt cold sandwiches like subway and Jimmy John’s dominated the market share. We felt potential customers might want something different, and saw a niche in grilled cheese and burgers. Thus, Merv’s was born; named after a dog (for those who are always asking). Tallahassee has been a great market for us because the folks are fantastic and supportive and always have been the best customers. We look forward to being here for years to come.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs that they may not already know?
We (David and I) are always in the restaurant. We are very active owners and have probably seen you here and there. We love to get to know all of you and want to know who we are doing business with. We appreciate your praise as well as feedback and try to be the best FOR YOU.

Please stop and say hello if you see us. I have a ton of tattoos and green eyes. he’s tall and skinny with blond hair
What brings people to Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs?
I like to think its because we are locally bred and we have worked hard from literally nothing to get to where we are. Our customers are very loyal and we would be nowhere without them. They have helped us so much along the way and we are honored to have the level of success we have had. We try and provide quality breakfast and lunch foods for a decent price. Diner food and comfort food is our love and passion and we feel it shows in the food and the experience.
How have Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs grown over the years?
We have grown from the two of us and about 5 staff members to roughly 55 employees between all 6 stores

What’s next for Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs?
We have grown to having multiple locations and are entertaining the idea of doing a couple stores out of market. The sky is the limit, but we want to stay grounded and make decisions with our families interests as well.

What social media do Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs use?
We are big on Facebook and Instagram, and are starting to get into Snapchat. We like to handle it ourselves so its mainly whatever we understand and have time for

Describe Canopy Road Cafe and Mervs in 5 words or less
Delicious. Local. Caring. Hardworking. Fun!

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