Entertainment Spotlight : The Velcro Pygmies

velcro pygmies 1.jpg

How did The Velcro Pygmies get started?

The band started as a complete hobby, and morphed into a career once I realized there was a need for what we were doing.  FYI we are the only other legal entity in the world allowed to use the name Velcro in our trade name.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about The Velcro Pygmies that they may not already know?
We AREN’T an 80’s band. We are a band who’s delivery is 80sesque.
What’s the craziest thing to happen at a show?
A guy tried to attack our bass player while we were on stage so we all dove on him and whipped him pretty good.
We had two girls get on stage and play “hide the blowpop”
Where would you like to play that you haven’t yet?
We’d love to get out to Vegas and then overseas.
What’s next for you?
Continue blazing the trail for new and upcoming bands and being the crusaders for live music.
What social media does The Velcro Pygmies use?
FB, Insta, Twitter, Snap
Describe The Velcro Pygmies in 5 words or less
Freight Train of Fun
velcro pygmies 2.jpg
velcro pygmies 3.jpg
Probably the biggest thing that has happened to The Velcro Pygmies was that we lost our bass player Jacob “The Sandman” Sanders on March 2nd in a boating accident. The incident got national attention from the media and music celebrities alike.

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