Learn About Creative Culture Media!

How did Creative Culture Media get started?
I started as a freelance marketing & media arm for hire, being hired on for projects by medium to large sized companies, organizations, and universities and in some cases allowing those companies to broker my services to their own clients. Which has been a steady way to grow our client base organically, and we now serve a nationwide client base.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about Creative Culture Media that they may not already know?
About 70% of our business comes from word of mouth and/or other forms of organic marketing. By doing this we were able to successfully get started without outside investments, and spend virtually no money on marketing our services. Allowing the company to remain in the green from day one. This is as a testament to the confidence our clients have in our service offerings, spreading the word for us and becoming repeat customers,our clients love us and we love our clients.
How did your Wolf Pack Live days lead you to founding Creative Culture Media?
Wolf Pack Live,What a Time! Man as far as I can remember hosting the daily show at our beloved Swift Creek Middle School was definitely my first introduction to the process of creating or producing anything! Much simpler times I remember the thrill in preparing funny & clever segment for our peers and hearing them rant and rave about how funny and entertaining we were. Even at that age it was fulfilling to get creative, create content, and see how the people responded. A thrill I still get to this day. 
How has Creative Culture Media grown over the years?
Over the years one thing I have learned is that in order to be successful as a start up you will have to be okay with pivoting, and you have to be patient at times. Pivoting is the ability to make small changes in direction as a company to take turns towards the tides of opportunity within your industry. Across all industries technology is changing things everyday, our industry is no exemption. We have seen an increase in clients who need custom web/mobile applications & platforms, mobile marketing, video production,social media support,etc. In today’s marketplace these are Major Keys for companies and brands alike and we have grown to be a digital first organization to meet this demand.
What’s next for Creative Culture Media?
We are looking to launch a number of digital products in 2017. Currently we are doing the market research needed to ensure that this is successful, disruptive, and profitable. However, the plan for the future is simple. We will continue to serve our clients and provide services offerings on time, on budget and grow through our affiliates, products, and creative content. Over the past year we have expanded our services to meet the needs of our clients and I foresee us continuing to do so.I am excited about the future of the company and its growth, I am learning new things every day. 
What social media does Creative Culture Media use?
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/culturecreated
Twitter : @CRTVCLTR

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/tunjifadiora

Linked In : https://www.linkedin.com/company/creative-culture-media

Instagram : TheTunji

online at http://www.culturecreated.com

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