Entertainment Spotlight : Cuddle Squad

How did the Cuddle Squad get started?

It all started when we met in film school at the University of Texas. It was a rocky beginning to say the least, with some real ups and downs (even a broken bone or two!). But hey, that’s what happens when you rock climb. But eventually we decided to start making film stuff together. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about The Cuddle Squad that they may not already know?
What you may not know about us is that we’re actually just one person, fooling the world into thinking we’re three. Shh! It’ll be our little secret.

What’s the craziest thing to happen when making a video?

An older lady kept yelling at her dog named Toby to stop barking so we could make the video. She didn’t realize that constantly repeating “Toby! Toby! Toby!” was actually worse than the barking. At the same time a sixty-year-old white dude wearing a doorag and a tank top was bouncing a basketball and yelling at us that he wanted to be on Youtube. We think they’re all interconnected somehow. Maybe Toby was actually the man? We don’t know. We’re not allowed in retirement homes anymore. 

How has social media played a part in The Cuddle Squad’s awareness?
Social media has a played a huge part by allowing us to promote ourselves to the point where the desperation and longing for approval we have is evident and disturbing to our friends and family.

How has the industry evolved over the years?
It’s crazy how much technology has changed over the years. Like these driverless cars are blowing our minds. And the iPhone 7? Woah. Oh and Facetime is cool when you’re dating someone long distance.

What’s next for The Cuddle Squad?

Honestly, we haven’t thought much past this interview. Jeff is wearing a suit right now… I don’t think he realized it would be over email. And we have a TV show coming out that we hope to sell so we can all follow our first true passion: investment banking.

What social media does The Cuddle Squad use?
We like to think of ourselves as Xanga purists. We never left unlike all those posers out there who backed down from God’s gift to the internet as soon as something “cooler” and more “functional” came along. Whatever. Sorry, we get a little worked up over this kind of stuff. We’re pretty upset right now. You can’t read it in our tone, but we are. Chad is crying now. Jon Michael won’t eat his oatmeal. Look what you’ve done. Are you happy Mike? Is this what you wanted? 

Okay, everyone is calm now. Our manager (Jimmy Manager) makes us use Instagram (@cuddlesquad) and Facebook (fb.com/thecuddlesquad).

Describe The Cuddle Squad in 5 words or less

Everything is totally fine, Mom. 

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