Realtor Spotlight : Andrea Bedwell


How did you get into real estate? I’ve always been in sales but wanted to reach for something a little more challenging. So I took on Florida real estate licensing, then Georgia licensing followed. That was 14 months ago and I’m grateful for every lesson learned and every lesson yet to be learned.

What motivates you? Knowing that the possibilities are endless. Knowing that I can reach for my very best without limits and fight forward toward my goals every single day. My goals and children alone are my motivation. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about your role in real estate that they may now already know? There are a ton of real estate agents here. The competition is so widespread that you have to set yourself apart. I take my unique approach very seriously. Relationships are everything. I don’t do “salesy”, however I will be your real estate resource, your professional confidant, and your new friend!

How has the real estate market evolved over the years? I’ve been involved for a little over a year so I haven’t witnessed first hand the evolution of the market over the years. I can say, though, that it is VERY active and flourishing in the North Florida and South Georgia areas!

What’s next for you? I love business. I love growth. I love to see entrepreneurs chasing their dreams, relocation, expansion, franchising.. Commercial Sales is next for me.
What social media do you use? Just Facebook for now. Mostly to get to know people. Everyone is on Facebook..all day, everyday. If the socializing is going on, I’m there for sure!
Kevin Clark at KW told me several times… “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” That’s where I am with my business and social media interaction. People are people. I don’t treat them as signatures or contracts.
Describe what real estate means to you in 5 words or less.  Real Estate to me is…. Family. Friends. Dreams. Fun. Connections!

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