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How did Tallahassee Nights Live get started?

Darius “Doc D” Baker was a Music Director for several different musical productions in Tallahassee. It wasn’t until he created TNL that we found the perfect formula of musicians, singers, poets, dancers and comedians that has lasted for nearly 10 years!
What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee Nights Live that they may not already know?
My initial vision of TNL was to be to Tallahassee, what the world famous Apollo Theatre is to Harlem. I can see it happening now when we get unsigned artists from New York willing to pay their own way to Tallahassee  just to be a part of a TNL show!  We have so many great talents (of all genres) here in our city and there is no professional platform to launch these deserving artists. Tallahassee Nights Live does just that! We are currently seeking investors and a building to house an Artist Development Center!

How has Tallahassee Nights Live grown over the years?
When we started TNL we had a  5 piece band and really an open invitation for singers to perform at our shows.  We now have a 13 piece band including a 3 piece horn section. full backgrounds, a make up staff, wardrobe sponsors and consultants and more. We now have an extensive audition process that all singers must go through before getting on stage but we also have cultivate talent if they are not ready for the stage! Our following online has grown tremendously and we now have continuous shows in Winter Haven, FL (The Ritz Theatre), Del Ray Beach, FL (The Crest Theatre) and Cairo, GA. When we go into these other cities and states, we still represent our home with the name, TALLAHASSEE Nights Live! We are proud to represent our all American city in that way.

What brings people to a Tallahassee Nights Live show?
That fact that with our production or band, you don’t just get the normal band …you know, the basic one or two singers singing all night. When TNL performs, at any given time we may have 14 extremely talented singers on stage at ONE TIME! You are going to get an experience every single show, guaranteed!  Our themes are fun too, for example: 80’s and 90’s Show, A Tribute to Motown and our famous SOUL HEAVEN show where we give tribute to our artists who have passed on by bringing them back to life on stage through music, TNL style! our themed shows keeps our guests coming back for more.

Besides me, what’s the craziest thing to happen at a Tallahassee Nights Live show (had to go there 🙂 )
Lol, you are definitely remembered and a party starter! We can count on you to start the party if you are in the building! Well, we’ve had several wedding proposals, we’ve driven motorcycles on stage, vintage cars to the stage (when we were at the then Leon County Civic Center), we’ve even had a FULL Marching Band to enter the The Moon on a performance and the crowd went crazy! Last weekend, having Scott Maddox come on stage with us and rap in Amelia Island is now another fun moment!
What’s next for Tallahassee Nights Live?
We are now in the studio recording our first album filled with original music! This is going to be a great tool as we continue to expand and add fans all over the world. They desire product and we are going to give it to them. We are also aggressively seeking investors and a building to house our very own Artist Development Center which will be available for talented artists who want to fine tune their skills. We have experienced vocalists, musicians and producers with degrees that are waiting to teach and make stars! I am confident that this will work in a city like Tallahassee which draws students and people from all over the world. Many of these performers say that there is NOTHING like Tallahassee Nights Live where they are from.

What social media does Tallahassee Nights Live use?
We currently use Facebook, Youtube and we also have an electronic EPK available to the public. Our website www.tallahasseenightslive.com will guide you to all of the other sites

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