Learn About Divvy Up!

Where did the idea for DivvyUp come from?

 The concept for DivvyUp was developed in Florida State University’s entrepreneurship program in 2014. As sophomores, the program required all 40 students to form groups and start some type of business to get hands on experience. Our group saw this as an opportunity to give back to our community. Unsure of what was needed, we took a trip down to our local homeless shelter where we learned socks were heavily requested and undersupplied. We decided to use the TOMS one-for-one model to sustainably solve the problem at the shelter. Our professor provided us with a $400 loan to purchase designer socks with a mission to give a pair of socks to the shelter for every pair sold. After six weeks, we were able to give 160 pairs of clean socks and decided to continue with the project outside of the class.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about DivvyUp that they may not already know?
 On the 25th of every month, we release a new themed 3-pack of dress/casual socks, be on the look out every month for awesome new designs! Every pair of DivvyUp socks has a blue toe, connecting the socks we sell to the socks we give.

 DivvyUp picks a new homeless shelter every month to highlight and dedicate that month’s sock sales to. There’s an interactive map on DivvyUp’s Giving Back page that shows the homeless shelters we have gifted socks to, how any pairs each state has received, and where we plan on giving to next.

How has DivvyUp grown since it first started?
 Since its beginnings in 2014, DivvyUp has grown to gift over 7,000 pairs of clean socks to shelters across the United States. We have spent the past year and a half learning about the sock industry, developing relationships with manufacturers, working with non-profits to raise money, and participating in various pitch competitions. Most recently, DivvyUp launched its very first sock designs, a custom giving sock, and a brand new website.

What’s next for DivvyUp?
 We have a few different ideas right now, but our focus is to be the best at socks for the next couple of years. From speaking with leaders in the homeless community, we have found that they also need underwear, t-shirts, bras and other items, so we are constantly thinking of creative ways to supply these goods in the future.

What social media does DivvyUp use?
 DivvyUp is on all the main social media platforms! Give us a follow:

 • Instagram

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Snapchat: @DivvyUpSocks

• Pinterest

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