Get To Know The Candidate : Rosanne Wood

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What brings you to Tallahassee?

I came to FSU in 1970 and never left.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee that they may not already know?

It has a great school system, tons of great art and music,and a fabulous natural environment.
How has Tallahassee evolved over the years?

It has become more cosmopolitan with lots of cultural and back-to-nature activities.
What made you want to run for office?

I’m running for the School Board because I feel compelled to do something to help our public schools. I plan to draw upon my 36 years of experience as both a teacher and principal at SAIL High School to help make all schools places where every student, parent, and staff member feels valued and respected. I want to make a real difference for our children. I believe I bring the experience, leadership, and integrity that are required.
What are your goals if elected?

  • I will advocate for policies that value learning more than test scores.
  • I will ensure that every dollar spent supports the needs of our students.
  • I will place high priority on early childhood education and dropout prevention.
  • I will be an engaged school board member and a strong partner in the leadership of the district.
  • I will seek out innovative solutions inside and outside of Tallahassee to solve some of our toughest problems.
  • I will work to forge partnerships with the community to help us close our achievement and opportunity gaps.
  • I will insist on clear policies for ethical conduct in all facets of the school system.

What social media do you use?

Facebook, Twitter
Describe Tallahassee in 5 words or less

Great art, music, nature and education opportunities


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