Get To Know The Candidate : Tena Pate


What brings you to Tallahassee?

A native Floridian, I came to Tallahassee from Fort Walton Beach in 1989 with my husband, Sam, and our young child, when I accepted a position in the Executive Office of the Governor (Governor Martinez).

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Tallahassee that they may not already know?



For me, it is our people and our diverse neighborhoods.  Having been on the campaign trail since January 7, 2016, I have visited many communities with streets and roads I never knew existed.  I have met the most incredibly nice people.  I have personally observed and experienced a lack of bias where one would “expect” to find it.  Our people are truly amazing.  We are a community that cares. We are a community that has unlimited educational opportunities, and the list goes on.  We simply love our Tallahassee.

How has Tallahassee evolved over the years?

We fell in love with the beauty of Tallahassee – its hills and canopy roads – when we arrived in late 1989.  We continue to love the beauty of our smaller sized city with its big city feel,  and are equally excited about its development. Our culture has evolved through this new development, development such as Cascades Park, Centre of Tallahassee, Gaines Street, Mid-town, the introduction of Pedi-cabs, and so much more.  Further, the politics of Tallahassee are always intriguing.


What made you want to run for office?

I have been incredibly fortunate to work in public service for over 30 years.  I have held appointed positions of leadership in our state government.  While I have seen many changes in the public arena over the years, one thing has not changed, and that is my passion for service.  I honestly believe some of us are suited for public service recognizing the need to: make/keep government responsive to the public; make it efficient and transparent; to keep it accountable, and provide citizen access.  These beliefs motivate me to continue to serve in the public arena.

As a state leader and a strong advocate for the rights of the citizens of our state, I have always known I would run for office once I completed my appointed term as Chairwoman and Commissioner at the Florida Commission on Offender Review. When the current Supervisor of Elections announced his retirement, I knew the time had come. Serving in the administrations of four of our state’s governors and in positions of leadership have taught me much about all branches of government; Executive, Judicial, and Legislative, and has equipped me for this next role.  Serving as your next supervisor of elections will allow me to continue advocating, in a non partisan manner, for your rights – the most basic of our rights – the right to vote.

What are your goals if elected?

IMG_1423  IMG_1530

My focus will be on:  Connecting generations at the polls (engaging our youth and seniors in our voting processes); ensuring our active duty military and veterans votes are counted; and providing meaningful opportunities for former clients of the criminal justice system for re-entry by working for changes to allow non-violent offenders to vote. I pledge to operate fair, efficient, accurate, and transparent elections.  I commit to serve as your Supervisor in a non-partisan manner, providing equal access to all.

What social media do you use? Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn

Describe Tallahassee in 5 words or less.

Southern, engaging, emerging, relational, and political.

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