Learn about ASLC’s Grindhouse!

1. What do you want visitors and locals to know about ASLC’s Grindhouse that they may not already know? 

We are proud to serve Lucky Goat coffee! All of our espresso and coffee beans come from this Tally favorite. Many people also don’t know that we have a wonderful discount drink deal: when you buy an ASLC tumbler for $10, you will receive 1/2 off on all subsequent drink purchases and $1 fountain soda refills at concessions in the theater. 

2. How does ASLC’s Grindhouse collaborate with ASLC’s events?

With large events, like the ASLC’s 15th Birthday Party last October or our annual open house, we provide samples to guests. We also make special drinks to play on movie titles/characters/special events/or special guests. For instance, when Greg Sestero visited during the spring semester for our annual screening of the Room, we sold a drink called the “Oh Chai Mark!”

3. What brings people to ASLC’s Grindhouse?

People come to the Grindhouse for breakfast and coffee in the morning on the way to classes and during evening events. Because we allow Grindhouse products into the theater, many people will grab a snack or drink before movies, especially midnight movies. Finally, the people who attend events, like Trivia Night or gaming socials, in the Cyber Cafe often visit us because the cafe is right next to the Grindhouse.

4. How has ASLC’s Grindhouse grown over the years?

Our menu has definitely expanded to include more food items! In fact, we just started selling croissants this past year and have now added Jimmy Dean Sandwiches and Sun Chips.

5. What’s next for ASLC’s Grindhouse?

We have been assembling a Secret Menu Book that we hope to have out for customers by this fall!

6. What social media does ASLC’s Grindhouse use?

We have a Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/SLCGrindhouse/.

7. Describe ASLC’s Grindhouse in 5 words or less?
Friendly. Affordable. Creative. Local. 

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