Learn About Midtown Arts And Entertainment!

How did Midtown Arts and Entertainment get started? 

Running a theatre company has always been a dream of mine. A theatre friend and I came together and 3 hours later Midtown was born. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Midtown Arts and Entertainment that they may now already know?

That our mission is to be affordable. We are just coming out of recession and we realize that people may not have the disposable income to invest in the arts. We price our shows so that people can enjoy quality entertainment at an affordable cost.  

How has Midtown Arts and Entertainment grown since it got started?

We barley had people show up to our auditions when we started. Now every show that we have done this year has been sold out. That is a success story to us. 

What’s next for Midtown Arts and Entertainment?

We are moving. We have teamed up with another company and will perform our shows at their new location. We will have more information on this soon. This is great news for us. We are still looking for a permanent home, but this move is a good decision. 

What social media does Midtown Arts and Entertainment use?

We are on all social media outlets. Look for midtown arts on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and snapchat. 

Describe Midtown Arts and Entertainment in 5 words or less

Affordable. Quality. Professional. Entertainment. 

About Capital City Pedicabs

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