Entertainment Spotlight : Roommates, The Series

Where did the idea for Roommates, The Series come from?

Roommates basically spawned from our every day banter living together. We’re all in the entertainment industry, and so we would always be doing these running jokes. One of our friends said, “it’s like walking into the middle of a scene every time I’m around you guys.” So, we decided we should film it. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Roommates, The Series that they may not already know?

That we all actually do live together. It’s surprising how many people don’t believe that. Also, all of the characters are really just heightened versions of ourselves. 

How has Roommates, The Series grown since it first came out?

We’ve been really excited with how well Roommates has been received. It started with us not being sure if anybody else would think it was funny, but the response has been overwhelmingly positive, and as of right now we are close to 100,000 views on several of our episodes. 

What’s the craziest thing to happen on set?

Well, every day on set we were genuinely worried about not finishing in time because we could not stop laughing at each other. Pretty sure Miss Jen, our director, (not so) secretly hated us for that. But, the craziest moment was probably when we were filming a scene for our camping episode, and we thought Austin’s phone had been stolen, so we chased it down using the ‘find my phone’ app. Turned out, it was a really nice couple who had found it, and was trying to return it. 

What’s your craziest roommate story?

Our craziest story is a bit of an ongoing thing. When we moved in, Matt and JT bought a paintball gun to ‘incentivize’ everyone doing their chores. I’m sure you can guess that our house is VERY well maintained. 

What’s next for Roommates, The Series?

Right now, we’re taking everything in stride and enjoying the process. Creatively, we’ve been fleshing out ideas for a second season. Also, working on a few other project ideas and trying to expand upon what we’ve created. 

What social media does Roommates, The Series use?

We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! You can follow us here- 



Describe Roommates, The Series in 5 words or less

Relatable, fun, three other words. 

Lastly, we would like to give a huge shoutout to everyone who has watched, commented and subscribed to the channel. We literally could not do this without you guys! 

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