Entertainment Spotlight : Musician Danny Fong

When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I did a year of general arts at the University of Saskatchewan. It was during this year, singing with the Greystone Singers that I realized that music was important enough for me to consider studying and pursuing professionally. I moved to Toronto to go to Humber College where I was offered a spot in the program a year earlier but declined at first.

How does one make a multi track?

To put it simply, you press the record button and start singing into your computer through a microphone. After you like what you’ve done you record more tracks while listening to the previous ones and layer them together. Then editing and mixing is a completely different process all together. It’s the process of balancing all the sounds to appropriate volume levels and creating a virtual stage for the listener to interact with aurally. 

How has YouTube helped in getting people discovered/build a fan base?

None of anything I’ve accomplished would be possible without YouTube. It is the medium for me to release my work, and has an excellent (and free) subscriber service that helped me accumulate many fans.

You’re also part of Accent… Can you briefly tell us their story?

All 6 singers in Accent are residing in different different places around the world, 3 in Europe and 3 in North America. We all discovered each other through YouTube and after several smaller collaborations we worked our way up to a 6 person project. We still work together over the internet, but also in person in whichever country is willing to fly us all together.

Who has been an influence in your work?
The other members of Accent and countless musical artists. I try to listen to 2 or 3 new albums each week from start to finish to broaden my musical perspectives. Most of my influences are musicians that were popular before 1980. In the vocal jazz field I’m greatly influenced by Gene Puerling and the Hi-Lo’s. In other music, some of my favourites in no particular order: Earth Wind and Fire, Frank Sinatra, Ned Doheny, Chicago, João Gilberto, The Beatles, Todd Terje, Chet Baker, The Doobie Brothers, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, Jamiroquai, Paul Simon, Hall and Oates, The Hi-Lo’s, Huey Lewis and the News, The Sheepdogs, Vulfpeck, Tower of Power, Donny Hathaway, Erroll Garner, Average White Band, Postmodern Jukebox, Three Dog Night, Hall and Oates again, Otis Redding, 

What do you do when you’re not rocking YouTube?

I’m a very active and social person. I spend a lot of my free time being around likeminded welcoming people. I find myself doing a lot of physical activities like rock climbing, yoga, slack lining, disc golf, biking, and seeing live music. In my near future I will be traveling a lot with Accent.

What’s next for you?

In two weeks I’ll be in L.A. with Accent where we will be doing workshops and clinics at the A Cappella Academy. After that, Accent will be recording a new EP. From there I’ll be flying straight to Thailand for some adventures!

What social media do you use?
Mostly Facebook and Instagram. (@dannyjfong)

Describe making multi tracks in 5 words or less

Making harmony by yourself.

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