Convention Spotlight : METROCON

How did METROCON get started?

METROCON originally came into being when members of an internet forum (AnimeMetro) wanted to have a meet up. The end result of that desire was the first METROCON, as even the first year was bigger than anyone expected.

How has METROCON evolved over the years?

METROCON has continued to improve its programming and operations since the concept of an entertainment based convention came into being. We have added encores to our special events, added more entertainment, and improved our overall quality by providing more to do throughout the weekend.

There has also been the drastic improvements in virtually every area logistical area of the convention. Security, registration, volunteering, etc has all become a well-oiled machine over the years, but at our core we are a convention run by a family of nerds, who are trying to provide the best event we can.

What draws people to METROCON?

As I mentioned earlier, METROCON is an entertainment based convention. Unlike most other conventions across the country, at METROCON you have four days of things to do, not just a cool environment to stand around in. We have contests, live combat stage shows, comedy shows, dance shows, over 500 hours worth of panels, celebrity meet and greets, cosplay meet ups, and even live fire spinning! We also have the traditional staples of fan conventions like vendors, artists, autograph signings, Q&A sessions, and more. We provide the best value possible, in our opinion, for a convention pass. For example, a pass actually gets you even a free autograph with each of our celebrity guests.

There is also a sense of community at METROCON unlike anywhere we’ve visited in the convention scene. We strive to maintain a sense of transparency and real commitment to fans by maintaining open communication and taking feedback and criticism very seriously into the planning of future events.

If you want to get a hold of one of the METROCON owners, all it takes is about 10 minutes and a Facebook post. Such an open flow of communication is rare for a convention of our size. (10,876 unique attendance in 2015.) This has helped METROCON maintain the feel of a small and intimate event while still providing a huge level of entertainment.

What’s next for METROCON?

World domination and pretzel sticks with cheese sauce. Seriously, we plan to be around for some time, and we hope to expand our presence in the Tampa Bay Area in the future – having one show every year has its benefits, as we’ve seen when we tried to experiment with a second show, and we really prefer focusing on our core fanbase and providing an industry-leading level of quality and combination of events and entertainment found nowhere else. 

Photos Courtesy of Badger Studios

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