Learn About Trivia Night With AJ Johnson Trivia!

What makes a good trivia night?

Definitely the Interaction between the trivia goers and myself. Being able to meet with Some of the people there, and create relationships brings people back and keeps a high energy around the venue

How has the trivia culture in Tallahassee evolved over the years?

I’ve been doing trivia in Tallahassee for A Year and a half and i’ve only seen the attendance go up! People get into the topics of there favorite subjects and rush out to prove to all their friends how much they know about it. I’m excited to see where the trivia scene will go from here!

How do you decide what makes up your trivia night?

As far as topics go, it can be anywhere from the timing of a subject, like a season premiere of a show or a holiday coming up! When it comes to questions i spend hours researching, finding, and writing my own questions. At the venue it is all off the top of the head. i take what the audience gives me and we have a great time together.

There seems to be trivia in Tallahassee somewhere just about every night of the week… Has it gotten saturated in your opinion?

Well do to the fact that as of right now i have three Trivia’s Both Brasstaps on Tuesday and Wednesday and Beef O Bradys on Thursday these are really the only crowds i see and for the most part we still have a great supporting cast. i Hope it continues that way!

Do you feel the trivia and karaoke scene in Tallahassee compete or work together?

Well if the karaoke guys are anything like me, I promote when karaoke is going on at certain venues, i think people enoy the 15 mins of fame behind a karaoke TV as much as their chance to prove they are smarter than you!

Describe trivia in 5 words or less

Best Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday Nights! 


Way To forget Your Problems

What social media do you use?

Mostly Facebook, Be Sure To Check for Topics on My Page AJ Johnson Trivia!

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