Learn About Bloody Bombshell Entertainment!


How did Bloody Bombshell get started?

In mid-2013, I had some set backs professionally while working with another company, and I decided it was time to venture out on my own. That November we opened up shop at Bloody Bombshell Entertainment and haven’t looked back since.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Bloody Bombshell that they may not already know?

We aren’t just Florida-based, we are a global company. We work with events across the world. However, our hearts remain in the Sunshine State.

How has the convention scene evolved over the years?

Oh wow, ha, that’s a loaded question. The convention scene hasn’t just evolved, it’s done a complete 180 from the time I attended my first event in 2005 to where we are today. It used to be about intimate gatherings of hardcore fans, especially the horror scene, and now it’s become big business. San Diego has always been a monster, but now there are so many corporate entities on the circuit that San Diego is just one of many beasts to contend with. I still hold a special place in my heart for those smaller events, but they’re up against large attendance, big advertising, and things like Avengers cast signings and one-time-only icon events. It’s a lot different than it was in my early 20’s.

There are also a lot more events- our register has grown by about 70% since 2011- but there is also a lot more failure. One in three new events won’t return for year two, let alone have longevity. And internationally there are more and more options as well. It’s still about the fans, but it’s also about the bottom line.

What’s the craziest thing to happen at a convention?
I’ve seen a lot of things happen over the years- but the craziest thing I saw lately was when our client Joey Fatone hired a DJ in the middle of a not-so-busy Saturday at Salt Lake City Fan Expo. Within an hour, the voice of SpongeBob was dancing with a crowd of fans, we had almost two thousand people gathered around our booth, and Joey did his own version of ‘NSYNC’s TEARIN’ UP MY HEART. In all my years of representing talent, and working with some amazing clients, I have never seen someone connect with his fans like that, and make the most out of what could have been a boring afternoon. The promoter even came over and danced with his daughter.

That’s what it’s all about- having fun. It’s a convention! I never understood why some people take it so seriously.

What’s next for Bloody Bombshell?

We’re always moving and shaking and bringing on new clients. Our sister company, Fatality Films, is working hard on our film WRATH (written by newcomer Alex Sosin and to be directed by horror legend Scott Spiegel) and our animated TV Series THE CHAINSAW SALLY SHOW (created by the amazing Jimmyo Burril). And I will personally be on the road with our clients throughout the year. We’re booked everywhere from Wizard World to Florida Supercon and everywhere in between.

Describe Bloody Bombshell in 5 words or less

Innovative, professional and fun!

What social media does Bloody Bombshell use?

You can find us on Facebook (just search our name), Twitter (@bloodybent) and Instagram (bloodybombshell). We also have a YouTube channel that we’ve begun using, and I have a huge online presence. We’re just about anywhere.

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