Learn About The Eyrie!

How did The Eyrie get started?

The Eyrie began in the early 80s by students who petitioned to have student work featured. They got the support of a faculty member and the dean, and it has been an annual publication ever since.

How has The Eyrie evolved over the years?

The Eyrie evolves along with TCC’s students. Every year the magazine takes on a completely different look, reflecting the vision of the new group of students enrolled in the course and also of the new content submitted. Some elements based on quality of design and layout, however, have become staples that make the magazine more consistent and identifiable as a brand from year to year.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about The Eyrie that they may not already know?

That the Eyrie is free and 100% student-driven in content and in production. Furthermore, it has a strong award-winning history in college magazine competitions at the state and regional level, including Community College Humanities Association (CCHA) and Florida College System Publication Association (FCSPA).

How hard is it to narrow down what gets picked to be in The Eyrie from what is submitted?

As awareness of the magazine grows each year, the more submissions there are, and thus the more competitive it is to make selections. The Eyrie class offers lectures from art and creative writing faculty to help students develop criteria in order to better make their selections. Perhaps most important is that all submissions are made anonymous at the time of evaluation so that students select pieces without bias or favoritism.  

Is The Eyrie just for TCC’s community?

It is developed with the TCC student body in mind so as to authentically showcase that talent, however, the magazine itself is meant to be shared with all who have an appreciation for creative expression.

Describe The Eyrie in 5 words or less

A high-quality, student-focused publication.

What social media does The Eyrie use?


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