Entertainment Spotlight : Acapella Group Semi-Toned


 How did Semi-Toned get started?

Semi-Toned was founded just over five years ago and originally started as a barbershop quintet. Our founder, Eddie Henley, in his very first week at University found some people who enjoyed singing as much as he did and put the 5 man group together. Then a year later, the group grew to 12 members and has remained around that number ever since. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Semi-Toned that they may not already know?

Semi-Toned is made up of students from the University of Exeter, meaning we all study a variety of different subjects and have the difficult task of juggling our hectic a cappella schedule with studying for our degrees. But we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each year we lose old members who graduate and take on new ones, meaning the faces in the group are always changing, even though some are more difficult to get rid of than others.

How has the a cappella community evolved over years?

From what we have seen both on our last tour to the U.S. and our experience of A Cappella in the U.K, the community is constantly growing. With many top Universities supporting their own groups and new ones always appearing, its an exciting thing to be involved in. At our home university in Exeter, there are a total of eight groups, so we have a really strong sense of community right on our doorstep. Just as the size of the A Cappella community is rapidly growing, so the standard is improving, as we witnessed some incredible groups from all across the country when we competed in the ICCAs (International Championship of Collegiate A Cappella), earlier this year.

Has the rise in a cappella in pop culture helped raise awareness for Semi-Toned?

Its hard to tell how much of our growth over the last few years has been from the increasing attention A Cappella is receiving in mainstream culture and how much of it is from organic growth from our own performances, but we can say with almost 100% security that phenomenons such as the Pitch Perfect Films and figurehead groups like Pentatonix have done a lot towards helping even the smallest A Cappella groups gain interest. We often get compared to such groups, with people coming up to us after performances saying things like, “You guys are like Glee but better!”

What’s next for Semi-Toned?

Once we return from our U.S. tour we have some exciting gigs lined up all around the U.K. In August we head up to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for the fourth time in a row, which is an absolute highlight of being in the group. Also a new music video might even be in the pipeline. You’ll just have to keep up with us to find out!

Describe Semi-Toned in 5 words or less

Suave singing men in burgundy

What social media does Semi-Toned use?

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter (@semitoned), Instagram (@semitoned) and Youtube. We also have our own website with lots of information about what we have been up to and what we’ve got coming up:www.semitoned.com


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