Entertainment Spotlight : Cosplayers Tails Of The Blade

 “When did you know you wanted to be involved with cosplay?”
Clay: In so many ways we’ve always wanted to be involved in cosplay. As kids we were always dressing up even outside of Halloween, usually from pieced together clothes and coming up with out own original characters, but it was always a big thing for us to want to dress up as our favorite cartoon, video game, comic, and original characters.

“What do you want visitors and locals to know about cosplay that they may not already know?”
Clay: That it’s not something that should be intimidating. At first thought, the idea that a person can’t create something wonderful just because they never have shouldn’t even be a thing. It sounds cliche to say that if you tell yourself you can, then you can, BUT YOU REALLY CAN! We were both intimidated when we were making our first pieces, and there were many panic attacks, tears, and a lot of yelling in between, but in the end we both produced something that we were extremely proud of. And they weren’t too shabby if I do say so myself!
“How has cosplay evolved over the years?”
Clay: It really has gone from something really underground to something that’s become VERY mainstream, but in so many ways that’s not a bad thing contrary to what others may say. The fact that all of these techniques and materials are coming out into the spotlight just gives new and upcoming cosplayers a great platform to launch from. The same can be likened to technology, and one generation just builds on the previous.
“What does it take to be a cosplayer?”
Clay: Love. That’s the best thing I can say is love. Love for the characters. Love for the craft. Love for the idea that you can create magnificent pieces of art with just a little patience, and knowledge of the material. Ok… A lot of patience! *laughs*
“What’s next for you?”
Clay: Currently we’re working on building a YouTube channel in addition to cosplaying. It’s a bit tough while juggling a full time job that has us both waking up and going to bed early. Too few hours in the day, and all that. Hopefully though, that kicks off and can become something sustainable to the point that we can devote all of our time and energy into cosplaying and that channel so as to better reach and entertain our family. (Off record, We refer to our fans, followers, or subscribers as family. We consider them as close to us as our own close family)
“Describe cosplay in 5 words or less”
Clay: Too great for words.
“What social media do you use?”
Clay: We’re on YouTube as previously mentioned, we’ve been on Instagram for some time, Facebook, and we just recently started using Twitter. We’re very responsive, and pretty frequently updating. So, pop by, say hi!
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