Meet The App Innovators Team : Director Of Sales TJ Hunter

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What brings you to Tallahassee?
Well first off, FSU.  My mom told me at the age of 4 I loved Florida State and I never wavered.  Didn’t even apply to any other college in high school (parents were not happy w/ that one) Once I graduated with a degree in Marketing I started working for a local fitness equipment company named Fitness Pro.  12 years later I found myself working for the largest fitness equipment dealer in the world, running 4 stores and a new daughter.  I felt it was time for a change so I traded one large company for another…Bed Bath & Beyond.  I spent almost 4 years with BBB, which was a enlightening time of my life.  While Im obviously not with BBB anymore, they brought me back to the place we call home.
What brought you to the App Innovators team?
I spent almost 20 years in retail.  From my senior year in high school all the way to 15 years past college.  I was tired of working in “The Box”  I was tired of working for a large company where I only had so much potential for success.  I felt if there was a time in my life to make a change….this might be my last chance.  I walked into my interview with App Innovators with very minimal expectations. This wasn’t a start up, but it wasn’t a household name either.   It was a commission only job and I immediately thought of my girls security.  What got me to say yes was the atmosphere that something great was going to happen, and either you can apart of it, or watch it happen.  There was just this feeling the there was something about to happen.  While its hasn’t been all rainbows and puppies, we have shown that if you work hard, work smart and dream big…you might just do something great.
What is App Innovators all about?
App Innovators is about mobile first representation of your business.  What is that you might ask?  Well If you start with the name, it means mobile apps..It means innovation…but that has evolved into websites, branding, logo creation and marketing of your business in the mobile first world we live in.  We try and take who you are, what you do and bring it into the world where others see you through their mobile devices.  Often clients will come to us with a basic idea and we go into our think tanks with white walls and dry eraser markers and we come out with an idea that takes their vision to another level.
How has App Innovators evolved over the years?
For one we have evolved from developing just mobile apps to working with companies on software programs, websites and branding.  Whether they are just getting started, or in a lot of cases, wanting to make a fresh start.  We have moved locations to a larger facility, we have grown from 3-4 innovators to over 12 and growing.  We now know we are going to make an impact in our community and beyond, the question remains as to how much.
What makes App Innovators stand out?
We aren’t your typical creative company.  We take things seriously, we take your business to heart and put a lot of effort into making your vision come true.  We think about how our actions today will possibly change things later.  We look at what the standard is in everything we do, and then go for more.  And if you think I’m just saying this to say it, you would be wrong.  We will fight you tooth and nail for your brand, even if you won’t.  We are also humble enough to know when we have gone far enough.  Our process in presenting companies our ideas don’t stop at “here it is” we detail every step of the way.  The why, how, what and inspirations we draw from along the way.
What’s next for App Innovators?
We talk about that a lot.  Actually we know a path, its making it come true that we are working on.  Other cities, more services, bigger and better ideas to bring to life.  Our dreams are not bound by the walls we work in.  We talk a lot about how to take our clients ideas and make them better.. But we spend just as much time talking about how to take our own ideas and make them a reality.  Regardless of where we have been, we know that the future is there for the taking.  And we plan on doing just that.
Describe App Innovators in 5 words or less
What social media do you use?
We use everything from Facebook, twitter and instagram to youtube, snap chat and others.  Most of us spend time on twitter personally so that ends up being our biggest way to interact with others.  You can find me on twitter at @tj_hunter and app innovators at @app_innovators

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