Learn About Fire Betty’s and The Fox And The Stag


Where did the idea for Fire Betty’s come from?
The concept of Fire Betty’s happened when one of the owners was in Chicago and saw an arcade bar! They knew that it would be a great fit in Tallahassee! 
Fire Betty’s is more than just an arcade with a bar, what else do you offer the community?
Fire Betty’s is a bar that allows young professionals to be laid back and enjoy their time. We offer live music every week because we believe that local music is very important!  
How has Fire Betty’s grown over the last year?
We are so lucky to have such an amazing staff that constantly proves the power of hospitality! Within the year we have expanded our reach as a music venue. 
How did The Fox And The Stag come about?
The Fox & Stag was an original plan with the owners when opening Fire Betty’s. They wanted two bars that were versatile in environment and cocktails. The name comes from an old fable called The Lion, The Fox & The Stag. We have the story line in paintings around the bar that were painted by a local tattoo artist, Matt Manning at Monument Tattoos. It provides a nice environment that offers classic cocktails, live music and helps round out the Midtown Area. 
What brings The Fox And The Stag and Fire Betty’s together other than connecting doors?
They have the same owners! The cool thing about both bars is it’s on the same computer server, so you can order a drink at one bar, and close out at the other. It also means you can grab an Old Fashioned at The Fox & Stag then walk over & play air hockey at Fire Betty’s! It’s truly the best of both worlds. 
How do Fire Betty’s and The Fox And The Stag add to what Midtown is all about?
It fills a void of places that young professionals come to have a good time and avoid the college environment of bars around campus. The Midtown area is so condensed with bars & restaurants that it promotes walking when going out! 
Describe Fire Betty’s and The Fox And The Stag in 5 words or less
Fire Betty’s – Fun, Nostalgic, Music Venue
The Fox and Stag – Classic, Cocktails, Laid Back
What social media do Fire Betty’s and The Fox And The Stag use?
Fire Betty’s and The Fox & Stag uses social media heavily because both locations always has live music every week, and drink specials! 
– Fire Betty’s Arcade Bar
– The Fox & Stag 
– @Firebettys
– @TheFoxandStag 


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