Entertainment Spotlight : Illustrator, Stand Up Comic and Cosplayer Scott Peavy

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You seem to do it all… illustrate, stand up comedy and cosplay! Is there something you want to do if you get bored with those?
It’s like I always say, if it makes no money, I do it. So on that note, probably miming or frisbee golf. No, I’m determined to make a living between my art and my comedy. They are my passions. Cosplay is just for fun and helps draw attention to them.
How has the evolution of Tallahassee over the years played into your areas of expertise?
Well, this being the home of FSU football I’d say that, and this is not a knock on the city but, Tallahassee, as a whole, hasn’t really noticed me or my ventures. However, either in spite of OR due to the city’s interest in football and subsequent overall lack of interest in the arts I’m beginning to see a path for myself. For instance, Tallahassee’s own comic/sci-fi convention ALTCon is back for it’s 4th year on March 19th and 20th and it’s bigger and better every year. I hope to see you all there!
Which came first, illustrating, stand up comedy or cosplay?
I have drawn for as long as I can remember. As a matter of fact, my first ever paid job was illustrating a children’s book for a local author. ‘Animal Friends’ by Judge Joe Boyd (illustrations by Scott Peavy) was a huge hit with nobody. But it was still exciting. I didn’t start doing stand-up until 2011 and when I did it was ALL I DID. Until recently, that is. Starting  last year I finally got back into illustrating and have found a happy medium between the two.
Do you ever mix and match your illustrating, stand up comedy and cosplay to make an epic of awesomeness?
This weekend I will! I’ll be at ALTCon dressed as Vacation Deadpool (my own take on the character),  I’ll be selling prints of my artwork, and Saturday I’ll be hosting Shaken Not Stirred Burlesque AS a new version of Deadpool that I’m calling DeadpElvis (I think you can see where I’m going with that) for the first time ever! That’s as close as I’ve ever come to actually combining all 3. Also, I have one comedy bit that requires a drawing pad with prepared material written and drawn on it that I like to do from time to time.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about illustrating, stand up comedy and cosplay that they may not already know?
For illustrating I want people to know that there are so many very talented people in your area (wherever that may be) who would love to illustrate a business logo or t-shirt design for you and we love to collaborate with people. If you have money hire a professional, you won’t regret it. But if you are a baller on a budget, find a self taught, freelance, artist who is also handsome and funny. For me myself, one of the most fun things about art is sitting down and hashing out a logo or design with someone.
For stand-up comedy I would love for people to know that there IS a great and growing comedy scene in Tallahassee that regularly gets compliments from traveling comedians for being a very talented and original one. Look us up. Seek us out. I’m Scott Peavy, I run the Free Comedy Night at Bird’s show every Wednesday night at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack on Bronough, right off Tennessee. I am also founder and booker for local comedy collective the Howler Monkeys Comedy Troupe. We’ve been all over the south east/Gulf Coast area and we’ve brought in some big names to Tallahassee like Louis Katz, Ben Kronberg (both Comedy Central), and even Doug Stanhope (LIVING LEGEND)! So check us out. If you haven’t heard of us yet, now is as good a time as any, it happens to be  the year of the monkey! HOOOUUU!!! (that’s our Howler Monkey call)
I also help run the Film Crashers event at the Crum Box Gastgarten in Railroad Square. If you are familiar with Mystery Science Theater 3000 then you already know what we do. If you aren’t then what we do is riff (make fun of) “bad” or easily riffable movies LIVE in front of an audience! We’ve been going for about a year now and folks really enjoy it. Not to mention us comics, we absolutely love it! It’s a free event so check us out on Facebook.
And as for cosplay, know that it’s getting bigger and bigger. I’ve really only been doing it for the past 3 years, dressing up and going to local area conventions, but every convention that I have gone to has gotten bigger and better every single year, no exaggeration. So get used to it. WE’RE HERE, WE’RE COLORFULLY DRESSED, AND WE MISS FIREFLY!
What’s next for you?
As an artist I don’t know, might start an Etsy store or set up doing caricatures or something. As a comedian I have a few shows lined up this year that I’m excited about. Still looking for my “big break”. As a cosplayer, ALTCon is next, then the big one (for me), MegaCon in Orlando.
Describe illustrating, stand up comedy and cosplay in 5 words or less
What? Oh, each! Ok.
Illustrating: Drawing as I see it.
Stand-up: Everybody needs to laugh.
Cosplay: Go out, be somebody (else)!
What social media do you use?
Instagram @handsome_fat
Twitter @handsomefat
I’m betting there’s more but I’ll stop there.

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