Entertainment Spotlight : Comic Book Writer Wes Locher


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
Hah! My mother was an English teacher and my father is a journalist… did I really have a choice??

Throughout school I was always reading and writing. It was just what I did for fun but never considered it was something I could do for a living. Somewhere around sixth grade the teacher told us to come to class dressed up as the career we wanted to pursue. In a class full of makeshift fireman, doctor and lawyer outfits, I came dressed normally but with sunglasses on. I told everyone I was an author. Of course, I wear glasses, so I couldn’t see crap all day, but it was totally worth it. In my underdeveloped mind, authors were like rock stars.

That was the first inkling I remember. It all worked out though! I kind of wish I had a time machine so I could give 12-year-old me a high five… maybe tell him not to wear those sunglasses to school.

I read comic books all throughout my life, so when it came time to “specialize” in a writing field, it’s the medium that came most naturally for me. Since 2012 I’ve published nearly 500 pages of comics, worked with amazing publishers and collaborated with talented artists in the U.S., Canada, Costa Rica, Sweden, Argentina and beyond. How cool is that?
What do you want visitors and locals to know about writing that they may not already know?
About writing in general — Like any creative endeavor, it’s not always easy. It’s similar to learning how to draw or learning how to fix a car motor… it takes hours of hard work and practice to get any good at it. It also takes a lot of drive to sit down, break a story and actually write it. I’ve heard many times at conventions, “I always wanted to write a book,” but it’s the sitting down and making it happen part that separates the “aspiring writers” from the “writers.”
How has the industry changed over the years?
Specifically to my industry of comics, digital and self-publishing have continued to revolutionize the medium and level the playing field. I believe it’s also made the industry “smaller” and more accessible.

Not only can new writers and artists get their work out there, but through digital platforms, they can compete on the digital shelf right alongside the big guys (Marvel and DC). If you want a career in the field, put good work out there, build an audience, and editors will find you.

What inspires your writing?
Since most of my works are humor based, I’m typically struck by things that I find to be absolutely ridiculous. For instance, my 2015 comic book miniseries Unit 44 is about inept Area 51 employees who forget to pay the rent on the facility’s off-site storage unit, leaving the secret contents to be sold to a pair of rednecks at public auction. It was inspired by watching an episode of the reality show Storage Wars on TV. I was hit with the idea and started writing. In fact, I never finished the TV episode…

Having lived around both hipsters and rednecks, and seeing the often ridiculousness lifestyles of both, I wondered what would happen if following the apocalypse, they were the only people left to rebuild society, which is pretty much the plot of my comic book Hipsters Vs. Rednecks.

Inspiration is everywhere. You just have to be dialed in!
What’s next for you?
I’m going to have a sandwich.

Oh, did you mean long term? I have a whole slate of comics lined up for release in 2016. I even released some free comics on my website in the past two months featuring the Battletoads (yes, from the 1991 Nintendo video game) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The goal has always been to explore interesting characters and stories, have fun and… and… sorry, now I just have sandwich on the brain.
Describe writing in 5 words or less
but, gratifying, hard … wait — did they have to be in order?
What social media do you use?

I’m on Twitter at www.twitter.com/weslocher, Facebook at www.facebook.com/writerweslocher and my website www.weslocher.com is command central for news, updates and my webstore.

Wes Locher is a writer of comic books, video games and humor living in the Florida Panhandle. His latest works include the comics Unit 44, Hipsters Vs. Rednecks, The Temporal, The Undoubtables and more. His comics have been released by publishing houses in the US, UK and Canada. He will be at Tallahassee’s Alt*Con 2016, March 19-20, at the North Florida Fairgrounds. For more information and tickets, visit http://www.altconflorida.com/

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