Entertainment Spotlight : Comedian, Podcast Host and Custom Action Figure Maker Viet Huynh

Stand up comedy, a podcast about the avengers and x men, and custom action figures… where do you find the time for anything else?
I don’t have a day job and I don’t get that much sleep.
Which came first, stand up comedy, the podcast or making custom action figures?
Custom action figures came first, then comedy, then the podcast.
Do you ever mix the 3 in some kind of epic awesomeness?
I’ve done stand-up comedy at a comic book shop or a convention where I sold my custom toys afterwards before, but we have never done a live recording of the podcast.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about stand up comedy, hosting a podcast and making custom action figures that they may not already know?
Everybody sucks at first. It takes time and hard work to get better.
What’s next for you?
After Alt*Con I’ll be going to Greenville, SC for SC Comic Con April 2-3. Also on that same weekend I’ll be doing a comedy/rap show (aka CRap Show) with my friend, Tribe One, at Alchemy Comedy Theater.
Describe stand up comedy, hosting a podcast and making custom action figures in 5 words or less
Stand-up Comedy
Talking in front of drunks
Hosting a podcast
Talking with your friends
Making custom action figures
I feel like an elf
What social media do you use?

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