Entertainment Spotlight : Artist Edmund Dansart


When did you know you wanted to be an artist?
My dad would bring me comics to read when I was a little kid and I started drawing from there.  
What do you want visitors and locals to know about being an artist that they may not already know?
It’s no different than any other skill set, trade or hobby.  It takes time and effort to become proficient. Lots of ups and downs. Accomplishments and failures.  
How has the industry evolved over the years?
Things are always in a constant state of change and evolution. There has been a change in audiences and what aspects are emphasized at shows. There are more genre specific conventions popping up all the time. Some shows trying to start big without natural growth over time.  That being said you have to adjust to changes and choose the situations and environments that work for you. This is a business after all and if you are not open to changes and tweaks here and there it can lead to very frustrating experiences. Be willing to adapt and grow always.   
What inspires you for your art?
Comics, toys, horror movies, science fiction, lowbrow art, cartoons, pro wrestling, kung fu movies… I have a huge reference file on my hard drive. 
What’s next for you?
I am currently working on my own comic, the second issue of The Clock Strikes Spooky (a horror anthology featuring multiple artists), making new prints and paintings for upcoming shows.  
Describe being an artist in 5 words or less
Too many ideas, no time
 What social media do you use?

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