Entertainment Spotlight : Author David Berger


When did you know you wanted to be a writer?
While I started writing when I was a boy (writing Smurf stories with my sister), I didn’t really know I wanted to be a writer until I was finishing the first draft of my first novel, Task Force: Gaea—Finding Balance, in 2010. I knew I had at least a trilogy in mind, although now it’s going to be five in the series. The more I wrote, the more the idea of writing other stories stayed with me.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about writing that they may not already know?
Well, a large influence for my writing comes from comic books, namely my love of Wonder Woman. Ever since I was a boy, I was in love with her character, from the comics, to the TV show, until today. It’s because of my love of her and also of Greek mythology (how I learned about her in the first place) that I choose mythic fantasy for my writing genre. With that, I’ve (or an idea of mine has) appeared in a Wonder Woman comic three times. I’ve never let go of that which inspires me. In addition, my novels encompass a diverse society where prejudice and homophobia don’t exist, so I have gay characters who figure prominently. The stories aren’t about their sexuality; it’s simply a part of who they are, and I believe people should see the world as it should be: diverse, rich with culture, and free of the constraints of normal society.
How has the industry changed over the years?
I pursued self-publishing (CreateSpace) over traditional publishing, and I’ve seen a tremendous upswing in e-books over the years. While I certainly love my physical books, I can see how the e-book industry has changed the reading spectrum for so many. It’s allowed for so many talented writers to put their work out there, but it has also opened the door to anyone who knows how to use a computer. Not all self-published writers use editors, and that is something I have noticed that can kill a book before it can become well known.
What inspires your writing?
Many things! As I mentioned earlier, Wonder Woman is a huge influence. But, also, I take inspiration from comics, movies, mythologies from various cultures, and even my friends. A few have even figured prominently in my novels.
What’s next for you?
Well, I am working on the fourth book in my Task Force: Gaea series, The Archer’s Paradox, as well as an anthology tied to the second book, Memory’s Curse, called Of Mortal Bonds. It recounts what the Olympian gods do for an entire year when they must live as humans with no ties to their magic. To give you a sense, Hades must live for a year as a life coach. Additionally, I’m working on a Celtic mythology series called The Dragonhawk Cycle, with the first book being The Quest of Wyndracer and Fyrehunter. It’s about two 16-year-old boys who find out they’re destined to stop a war of ancient gods.
Describe writing in 5 words or less
Writing releases my inner soul.
What social media do you use?
I am on Facebook (facebook.com/david.berger and /taskforcegaea), Instagram (@inspiredgemini), Twitter (@MrDBerger), and Goodreads. Plus, I have a page on Amazon, and my own site: http://www.davidbergerbooks.com

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