Learn About ALT Con!

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How did Alt Con get started?

In 2013, Brian and Verity Coghill really wanted to start going to geek conventions, but didn’t have enough money. So, for some illogical reason, they figured hosting a comic con of their own in Tallahassee was the perfect solution.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Alt Con that they may not already know?

The “ALT” part of ALT*Con is because we looked at our keyboard and said, “Yes, alt. We’ll name it after a commonly used key in graphic design and PC games.”

What brings people to Alt Con?

Celebrity guests, vendors, and artists, and tons of awesome people in costumes! And the TARDIS.

How has Alt Con evolved over the years?

We started out as a one-day event with few guests, and almost nothing but vendors and a single TARDIS replica on exhibit. Now there are special guests of all sorts and wonderful geeky exhibits like the 501st Shoot-A-Trooper and replica cars. We even have our own ALT*Con character, Althea Conner, created for us by Dash Martin and modeled in real life by Alice Infinity.

What’s next for Alt Con?

We hope to slowly take over Tallahassee with an inescapable presence of geekery, starting with a float in the Springtime and Winter parades.

What social media does Alt Con use?

Facebook is our main thing, but we also have a Twitter and Instagram (both altconflorida).

Describe Alt Con in 5 words or less

Tallahassee’s Comic Con!

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