Entertainment Spotlight : Chimichanga Talk

chimichanga talk pic 1How did Chimichanga Talk get started?

Chimichanga Talk started in 2013 as a way to shout our opinions out into the white noise of the interwebs. It went from being a hobby, to having some big named guests appear on our show.

How has Chimichanga Talk evolved over the years?
Chimichanga Talk has seen multiple co-hosts in its last 3 years, but the one thing that has stayed constant has been it’s fun and relaxed interview style and ability to poke fun at itself. We have gone from being a simple podcast to Emceeing cons and being a center point of attention with our con games and surprises.
What brings listeners to Chimichanga Talk?

We would say it’s our great guests and content, but at times I think it’s our genuine love for our fans. We love interaction and treat all our fans like rock stars. If they give us gifts, we make them autograph it, if they shout out our name, we shout it back. Fandom is a two way street.

Is anything off limits on Chimichanga Talk?

Nope. We try to stay kid friendly and recently developed a “Chimi After Dark” show that is more for an adult audience. We like to encourage all listeners to enjoy what we do and we are huge advocators of encouraging the arts and creativity in little geeks. Get them while they are young!!

What’s the craziest thing to happen during Chimichanga Talk?

We have had a slew of guests on our show, but one of my favorite moments was with Michael Rooker in 2013. We were told by his management we had 15 minutes with him. The interview lasted over an hour and he even took us shopping with him. We could literally hear the people clamoring around him as he went into a grocery store, with us still on the phone.

Describe Chimichanga Talk in 5 words or less

Our tag line: Where Geeks Come to Hang…

What social media does Chimichanga Talk use?
What don’t we use… Basically if you find something we are not on, it’s because we have no clue it exists or no clue how to use it…


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chimichangatalk

Twitter: Deadpool Speaks: @Deadpoolspeaks
Dr. Ehvil Bheard: @DrEhvilBheard
Instagram: Chimichangatlk
reddit: Chimichangatalk

chimichanga talk pic 2
Deadpool Speak and Dr. Ehvil Bheard…. Not in that order…
chimichanga talk pic 3
Deadpool Speaks, Arrested for attempted humor…
chimichanga talk pic 4
Ian Ziering (Sharknado, 90210) Dr. Ehvil Bheard, Deadpool Speaks, and Mark Lutz (Angel)
chimichanga talk pic 5
Anna Van Hooft (Supernatural) gives Deadpool Speaks a little squeeze

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  1. From his Witness Protection ranch outside of Maudlow, Montana; The Great Wang APPROVES Of this message!! Chimichanga Talk Rules !

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