Learn About The Tuck!

How did The Tuck get started?

– The Tucker Center opened in the fall of 1981 and quickly became an entertainment destination to the Tallahassee community.

How has The Tuck evolved over the years?

– The Tucker Center has gone through many changes! We added 34 suites and the Spotlight Grille in 1998 during a major renovation project. We have also been home to a minor league hockey team and an arena football team. Most recently the Tucker Center has under gone an extensive renovation that included 10,000+ all new garnet seats, a new scoreboard and LED ribbon/corner board install, and a new sound system.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about The Tuck that they may not already know?

– We host a wide variety of events/meetings and can accommodate a group of 25 or 1,000+ in our meeting space/Spotlight Grille. We also host over 330+ events a year and have an average attendance of 400,000+ per year which brings great business to the downtown Tallahassee community.

How does The Tuck stand out as a venue?

– We are the only venue of our size in 150 miles surrounding this area so we can bring in large shows and audiences.

What’s next for The Tuck?

– We hope to continue growing in the community and bringing in more events that will appeal to all audiences.

What social media does The Tuck use?

– We have three main social media accounts-

o Facebook (Donald L. Tucker Civic Center)

o Twitter (@FSUTuckerCenter)

o Instagram (@FSUTuckerCenter)

Describe The Tuck in 5 words or less

– Your Ticket To Live Entertainment In Tallahassee! (sorry more than 5 words J)

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