Entertainment Spotlight : Broadway’s Next H!t Musical


Where did the idea for Broadway’s Next Hit Musical come from?

Deb: It was adapted from a previous version of the show called “Next Hit Broadway Musical”, which performed several times a year in NYC. It came from an idea about a backer’s audition and slowly evolved into an awards show.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Broadway’s Next Hit Musical that they may not already know?

Rob: It is entirely based on your suggestions. Every show is different. Every show is made up. Even the music! We don’t reuse lyrics or tunes to songs. It is also family friendly.

What is it like having to improvise a new show every night?

Rob: It’s a complete blast! We never tire of it because it’s never the same. We have no idea what the show is gonna be from night tonight. It’s like getting paid to play.

What is the audience participation and reactions like?

Rob: The audiences go crazy for this show. Most feel they have never seen anything like it. Improvisation can feel like magic to watch and…it kinda is.

What’s the craziest thing to happen at a Broadways Next Hit Musical show?
Rob: This title that an audience member in Bedford, Massachusetts gave us: “The Electric Fire-Breathing Unicorn Experience”.

What social media does Broadway’s Next Hit Musical use?

Annie: We are very active on social media and always love to hear from our audience. You can find us on Twitter (@BwaysNHM), FB (facebook.com/broadwaysnexthitmusical), Instagram (@broadwaysnexthitmusical) and Snapchat (BwaysNHM)

Describe Broadway’s Next Hit Musical in 5 words or less

Rob: Improvised Musical Comedy Awards Show



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