Entertainment Spotlight : Actor Zack Bennett

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?

I got into acting around 7 years old because a teacher of mine recognized that I had the loudest voice in class and gave me the lead role because people would be able to hear me in the back row of the theatre. Since then I’ve always felt at home on stage. 

How has the industry evolved since you started acting?

The industry has evolved tremendously since I started working professionally. I believe it’s still in the middle of a massive transformation and I’m not sure anyone is positive on where and how it will settle if it settles at all. I always say three things in particular can be attributed to the evolution of the industry; The Writer’s Guild had a strike in 2007, the economy collapsed in 2008 and Canon released the 5DMarkII. Politics, economics and technology all led to the great changes the industry has been going through for years. Of course the internet has changed the entire model and it is yet to be seen how that will play out.

Who has been an influence in your acting?

As far as influences are concerned with acting, I’d say that Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg were some of the early influences I had. I remember when I first saw American History X and I realized the power that film can have. I think that’s what solidified my dedication to the art form. 

What’s the craziest thing to happen on set?

Craziest thing to happen on set….Man that’s a hard one. So many things. I almost got tased once by a fellow actor who is now a dear friend of mine. We were doing a scene and she whips this taser out, except nobody took the batteries out of it and I almost got it straight to the stomach. 

Do you get recognized from Poor Paul?

I’m not sure I’ve ever been recognized from Poor Paul. I think we had some impact on a few younger people when the show was in production as I remember getting some fan mail from a few people who were inspired by the show. I always thought that was a good thing and kind of unexpected, but I appreciated it. 

What’s your favorite genre to act in (horror, teen, etc)?

Favorite genre….Hard to say. Comedy is a ton of fun. Drama is rewarding in a different kind of way. I like them all. I suppose it depends more on who I’m working with. That has a lot to do with my feelings towards a given project. 

What social media do you use?

I’m terrible on the social media these days. I’m buried in work quite often and don’t have too much time to spend on social media. I’ll take the opportunity though to promote a feature documentary I produced and directed that’s screening in Sedona at the end of February. Check out http://www.theataxianmovie.com

Describe acting in 5 words or less

“Behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances.”

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