Learn About The Tally Shorts Film Festival!

How did the Tally Shorts Film Festival get started? 

Tally Shorts was started in 2012 by a group of local filmmakers looking for a way to bring the art form of short film to Tallahassee, as well as create an avenue for local filmmakers to showcase their talent. There are very limited outlets for independent filmmakers to show off productions, so a few of us decided to create an event with the hopes of bridging that gap. Four years later, we’re providing events that entertain the diverse population of Tallahassee and give a voice to independent filmmakers.

Is the festival just for locals? 

Tally Short is for both locals and outsiders, filmmakers and film lovers. Last year we had attendees that travelled from nearby cities such as Pensacola and Valdosta and we welcomed filmmakers from as far away as California. Our annual festival, which is coming up February 19th and 20th, has grown from it’s humble beginnings into an international competition, drawing submissions from all over the world. This year we received submissions from more than 30 different countries and I’m happy to say that some of those international filmmakers will be in attendance. We have not forgotten our local roots however, the growth of the festival has afforded us the ability to host events throughout the year. Many of which are available only to local filmmakers wanting to showoff their productions.    

How has the festival evolved over the years? 

The core of the festival has been mostly unchanged, but each year has been a drastically different iteration. The first year was quite a learning experience when we were mostly focused on putting something on that Tallahassee might enjoy. Since then, we have been blessed by an outpouring of submissions and support that have allowed us to increase the number of films played, the number of theaters, and even allowed us to give out awards. We have tried hard to add a new element each year and steadily grow the festival. Since the first year, we have added local filmmaker support with our networking opportunities provided in the Meet & Greet session on Saturday morning, and with the “premiere nights” screenings throughout the year. This year we are excited to be introducing “Tally Shorts for Kids.”

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the festival that they may not already know?

Tally Shorts is an opportunity to experience films you likely won’t see elsewhere. It’s a chance to see burgeoning talent and unique cinematic voices from extremely talented filmmakers. It’s also an especially affordable way to spend a weekend! For only $16 and you can see a plethora of distinctive, original and memorable films, while at the same time, supporting local filmmakers

What’s next for the festival?  

We have made it a goal to add at least one new element each year while strengthening those that we already have. Our goal for this year was to add Tally Shorts for Kids, which focuses on our youngest film enthusiasts. In conjunction with the Challenger Learning Center’s “kids free day,” Tally Shorts for Kids will host an educational green screen event followed by an admission free block of child friendly films. Our future goals are to add educational sessions for adults and increase the number of premiere nights during the year.

What social media does the Tally Shorts Film Festival use?

Tally Shorts can be found on most of the common social networks; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. We have had to work with a fairly small marketing budget the past couple years so we rely heavily on social media platforms as well as word of mouth to bring people to the festival. 

Describe the Tally Shorts Film Festival in 5 words or less

An extraordinary short film experience!


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