Entertainment Spotlight : Florida Geek Scene


How did Florida Geek Scene get started?

I owned a comic book store in the Central Florida area from 1999 to 2011. I had the idea for Florida Geek Scene about six years in to being an LCS owner. I just thought it would be a cool idea to have a website calendar dedicated to all the geek goings on in the state. In my last year of the shop being open, around late 2010 I put the idea in to motion.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about Florida Geek Scene that they may not already know?

The site is free with the exception of our cheap ad-rates. We’ll post your event to our calendar and even give you free posts along with that as long as we are notified about the convention or event prior via a press release or even if we just hear about it we’ll make sure the rest of Florida knows about it whether you have an ad with us or not.

Is Florida Geek Scene just for Florida Geeks?

Well, honestly these days everyone is a geek. The days of being made fun of because you read comic books or play video games are pretty much behind us. Figure almost every home has some sort of gaming console whether it is used solely for gaming or for just streaming movies or otherwise. We have all become geeks in some manner, even if some weren’t into it previously in life. So if I were to say it was only for geeks, I would say that meaning it’s really for everyone.

How has the Florida Geek Scene evolved over the years?

In the beginning FGS was just a calendar, but over the years we have also begun to run reviews and posts on virtually anything geek. FGS has around fifty local writers, reviewers, and podcasts from around the state who each contribute to the site weekly. We also live stream from conventions and events so people were not able to attend can do so online just by going to FGS and watching.

What does the future have in store for the Florida Geek Scene?

Always more changes, site changes, new looks, more coverage as more contributors from other local towns and cities reach out to us to be a part of FGS and cover the local events and conventions happening near them.

What social media does the Florida Geek Scene use?

We can be found  @flgeekscene on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, MeerKat, Periscope, Pinterest, and  Flickr.

Describe the Florida Geek Scene in 5 words or less

Progressive, upbeat, informative, and always on the go.

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