Learn About The Film Crashers!

How did film crashers get started?
Film Crashers came about after a few alcohol laced nights involving Steven Seagal’s movie Hard to Kill, the classic film Big Trouble in Little China, and our universal love of Mystery Science Theater 3000. Bringing the fine folks of Trash Cinema Collective, the Howler Monkey Comedy Troupe, and The Crum Box Gastgarden together proved very easy to embark on this movie riffing journey. Based out of The Crum Box’s outdoor Gastgarden area, Film Crashers maiden riffing was last May where the movie The Green Slime was the first target. From there, at least once a month, the finest local comedians in town skewer the finest “horrible” movies around. 
What do you want visitors and locals to know about film crashers that they may not already know?

There is great care and work put into each of the movie events. Films are decided on more than a month in advance as to provide the comedic team riffing that movie enough time to prepare. Hour after agonizing hour is put into watching and re-watching that month’s movie until either the comedians are ready for action or are on the brink of throwing the TV or themselves off the roof. Usually these two things go hand in hand. With jokes in tow, the comedians riff live as you watch the movie under the cover of the Gastgarden, bringing all that hard work together to create a unique comedy and movie watching experience. 

How does a film meet the film crashers criteria for being selected?

Typically, a film has to be “bad” enough to be considered “crash worthy”. It helps if it’s also fun. Still following the “crash worthy” status, sometimes movies are chosen based on themes that match a month’s holidays, or movie anniversary, etc. 

What brings people to a film crasher viewing?

We’ve noticed people come for different reasons. Some people already know about us and want more comedy or movies. Some come because they are simply looking for something new, interesting, and unique to do in town. Some are even fans of the movie itself and are just happy that people are paying attention to it. Some are sausage fans that find themselves having a bite and get trapped. Others are just lost souls who wander in off the street. We can only speculate as to their origin and intended direction, we’re just happy they stopped by.

What social media does film crashers use?

Friendster exclusively. There’s a Facebook page too if that’s your thing (https://www.facebook.com/thefilmcrashers/).

Describe film crashers in 5 words or less
Come see it for yourselves!

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