Learn About The ASLC

How did the SLC get started?

The Askew Student Life Center opened 15 years ago with our main theater location, the Student Life Cinema, in a state of the art stadium style theater facility with 380 seats. It stemmed from a previous incarnation of a Student Campus Entertainment program where films were shown at Moore Auditorium, called “Movies in Moore.” The ASLC is under the umbrella of the Oglesby Union (along with Student Activities, Club Downunder, Crenshaw Lanes, Art Center, and Flying High Circus) although it is not located in the Union Complex.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the SLC that they might not already know?  The ASLC offers a lot to students and community members. Housed in our building we have the Student Life Cinema (SLC), the phantom theater, the Cyber Café, and the Grindhouse Coffee Shop. The student organizations who select and run all of our programming & events are Film Committee & Game Committee.  The SLC provides a very unique movie-going experience. Because it is programmed and operated by students, we showcase a variety of films for every taste. Selections range from big-budget blockbuster films to independent features to classic, cult, and foreign titles. From time to time, we also have special guests including past visitors like Edgar Wright, David Wain, and Kevin Hart. The Cinema also has a smaller venue called the phantom theater to highlight critically acclaimed classics and very bizarre & fun midnight programming you might not see elsewhere. It’s a theater intended to let viewers discover something truly different.  In both theaters, we often tie-in events like costume contests, trivia, karaoke nights, open mic nights, and even more. Annually, we partner with Cheap Thrills Tallahassee to host 2 midnight screenings around Halloween of The Rocky Horror Picture Show with a live cast! We offer advanced screenings before certain titles come to regular theaters and 3D showings once per schedule as well. Besides having standalone films, we also program festivals like our Early Spring Arab Women Film Festival shown in conjunction with the Arabic Division of the Modern Languages Department at FSU. Our main theater has capability to show movies in digital projection as well as 35mm film prints. Our cyber café offers over a dozen Alienware computers equipped with a Steam library full of titles to play. We also have 7 different consoles with libraries of games & controllers at the information desk for rental at their stations. If you’re waiting in line before a screening, you can also check out board games to pass time with friends before a show. Every month, our Game Committee hosts multiple gaming socials and tournaments with a wealth of titles represented. The last Friday of each month they host a gaming social with dozens of games out on free play all night long! The ASLC’s fully-equipped coffee shop, the Grindhouse, offers low prices and high quality specialty drinks & snacks for whether you’re about to see a film, play in the cyber café, or relax between classes.

What makes the SLC stand out? The SLC stands out because of its unique programming and direct student involvement. We want to be a place to not only enjoying newer, mainstream releases, but also discover more niche titles like independent, foreign, and documentary films. It’s a place where you can see Blade Runner the same week as the Maze Runner: Scorch Trials or Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game (1939) the same day as John Hughes’ Weird Science (1985). It is also a community of students who truly care about art, film, and gaming who put it all together. Their heart and passion are what drive our programming, which makes us truly unique.

Is the SLC just for students? Although the SLC is first and foremost for students (who are able to enjoy all of our films, games and events absolutely free with their valid FSUID) we also open most events to the general public as well. Ticket costs for non-students are only $5, with a discounted rate of $3 for FSU Faculty/Staff and Tallahassee Film Society Members.

What social media does the SLC use? The Student Life Cinema is active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,Youtube, Spotify, and Sound Cloud. There are separate Facebook pages for Student Life Cinema, ASLC Gaming, and ASLC’s Grindhouse. The Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and Spotify are all specifically related to the Cinema. The Sound Cloud podcast is shared by Film & Gaming, with topics that traverse both. Our general website is movies.fsu.edu

Describe the SLC in 5 words or less

To describe the SLC in 5 words, I would say it is a “Creative Community for All Students.”


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