Entertainment Spotlight : Actor Rob Wight

rob wight 9
When did you know you wanted to be an actor?
I grew up in a small town of Weidman Michigan. In Michigan it snows 6 month out of the year so I was inside a lot and I watched a lot of movies. I can remember watching films with my Dad like Star Wars, Indiana Jones, James Bond (all of them), Braveheart and Jurassic park. I was introduced to comedy by my Aunt Jean who bought me my first Robin Williams movie Mrs. Doubtfire.My sister Julie made sure I knew good films such as Bill and Ted and Back to the Future. I was picked on as a kid for being over weight. One summer I grew up, lost the weight and became confident. I really stop caring what people thought of me. I cared more for what I could do when someone told me I couldn’t . When I was in high school I started cleaning movie theaters at night. The plus side of this job was the free movies. So for me it was awesome free movies all the time. As you can see long history of loving cinema. I moved to Orlando at the age of 19 on a Disney internship I worked as a custodial worker. I mainly cleaned up trash in Adventureland and one of my favorite rides was Pirates of the Caribbean. My Parents took me to Disney when I was 5 and one of the biggest memories I had was riding Pirates with my Dad and he kept singing “yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!” At the time Pirates Of The Caribbean
movie came out and Disney had a show where Jack Sparrow himself showed kids how to become pirates. I watched the show daily and I kept
saying to myself I can do that. One day I gather the courage to ask one of the actor in the show who’s name was Jessie Lenoir. I asked him how he got the job and just like that he sat down after the show with me at told me everything. He then went back to doing the next show. Thinking about that now, he just finished up a show and must have been tired but he took the time to talk to me and help me out. I thank him so much for that because without that experience I would not be an actor today. At that point I wanted to do nothing but become an actor.
Who has been an inspiration to you?
My parents. They are some of the hardest work people I know. Good stories inspire me. Traveling and new experiences. Experience to me is worth more than money.
What’s the role you would most like to play?
Villain because they are so complex and intricate. Also a comic side kick never really felt like batman I feel more like a robin but in this case more like a Ryan Reynolds can’t keep your mouth shut type so may as we will say dead pool.
How has the industry evolved since you started acting?
One word “INSTANT”. Everyone binge watches Movies/TV shows now that everything is at your finger tips. So productions want things now so shows are made quicker. 20-30 years ago it would take a year to get a copy of a film after it was in a movie theater. Now less than 6 months and live streaming even faster.
What’s the craziest thing to happen to you on set?
My first big acting role was on a show called Swamp Murders. I played the Murder and in the show one of the scenes called for my character to throw the victim in a swamp. Well this river was a real swamp in Georgia in this swamp had creatures like snakes. I HATE SNAKES!!! Well image being in weighters chest high in swamp water holding an actress who has nothing on but booty shorts and a tank top and your feet are sinking into the swampy water holding her up for an hour or more. Oh also snakes swimming pasted you the whole time and you can’t see threw
the water. Man was it a fun rush! Other crazy thing happen to me on a film set was on the set of Walking Dead. I was booked as a stunt zombie on the show. Basically I was shot in the head by the character Beth who is
actress Emily Kinney and by the way she is a very sweet girl first off. I remember getting full zombie make up and sitting outside of the trailer I remember her opening her door and looked at me and asked for an ice coffee she was obviously was looking for the p.a. (production assist)
she stopped and went wait you really can’t help me. I said one sugar or two? But to her it sounded like Garrrrrrr…. threw the fake teeth and make up she laughed and shut the door. I figured that’s what I get a shot in the head by a beautiful girl who is a main character. Lucky me right.
What social media do you use?
Facebook and Instagram
Also my website robwight.com
Describe acting in 5 words or less
What I mean by that is this business is not easy. Acting is character specific from look to skill. You could be the best acting but not look the part. You could get a thousand auditions and get one booking! Rejection is just part of the job. That’s why when people tell me that they can’t get
a job and get rejected, I tell the I just got rejected 5 times this week alone. You develop thick skin for this business. I do this job because I love living in moments. Living in moments portraying others is like living dreams.

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