Entertainment Spotlight : Dave Goldstein

dave goldstein

How did you get into comedy?

I knew when I was about 12 or 13 that comedy was what I wanted to do with my life.  Well, I also wanted to play second base for the Yankees (even as a kid I knew I wasn’t good enough to be a shortstop).

What was it like going from sales to comedy?

When I turned 25, I figured that I needed to either pursue my dream or move one.  And, even though I did well at sales, I knew that I absolutely positively did not want to be a salesman for the rest of my life.  Although for booking gigs and knowing how to talk to TV producers and comedy big shots, my sales experience could not be more valuable.  I know plenty of funny people who just don’t understand how to market themselves or talk to a client.  Of course, when you’re selling yourself as a product, it’s kind of hard not to take it personally when people aren’t buying what you’re selling.

What was it like being a pedicab driver?

I loved being a pedicab driver.  My best friend had seen them in Annapolis, MD and when we lived at the beach in Delaware during college summers (Delaware has a beach?), he contacted the owner of the bikes about us riding for him.  Coincidentally he was looking to start up at the beach and after flipping a coin to see who would go first, I became the inaugural pedicab driver in the great state of Delaware.  That’s a distinction that means nothing to anybody but me of course.  Most importantly, it was a great way to meet girls.  Oh, and get in phenomenal shape.  Unfortunately I eat almost as much now as I did then but without burning thousands of calories a day hauling tourists from place to place and drunks from bar to bar.

What’s your craziest Conan story?

The funniest thing I did on Conan was playing a naked cop directing traffic in front of the Metropolitan Museum in Manhattan.  I was in cop shoes, socks, and hat, with a flesh colored speedo on.  It was flesh colored for somebody but far too tan for me.  My skin color is closer to copy paper than any commercially available flesh tone speedo.  I guess New Yorkers are so used to the unusual that people actually followed my directions.  That was the funniest part for me.  We wrapped up the shoot when an actual cop (although who really knows) threatened to arrest me for impersonating a police officer.  The video is on my website: www.davegoldstein.com.

What do you want locals and visitors to know about live comedy that they may not already know?

The only thing I’d want people to know about live comedy is that it’s just as specific as music.  If you like country or rap, you may not want to show up and find out your performer that evening is an opera singer.  There’s an old saying, “there are horses for courses.”  And even though comedians are generally jack assess, the saying makes sense for us too.

What social media do you use?

If anybody is interested, they can follow me on Twitter: @comicgold, Instagram: comicgoldstein, and Facebook: just my name Dave Goldstein.


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