Entertainment Spotlight : Comedian Sean Grant

When did you know you wanted to be a comedian? 

I knew I wanted to be a comedian since I was 7 years old by process of elimination. I had literally no other talent besides breaking tension with humor. For talent shows at school I would just tell jokes I stole from comic view. 

How was the comedy scene evolved since you started on the comedy circuit? 

When I started comedy social media wasn’t as big. The path was just getting really good and the hoping to be appreciated for it. Now social media has created a fame super highway. I like the lane I’m in though. Not a big fan of shortcuts. 

Where would you most want to perform comedy at? 

I want to perform at Carnegie Hall. Madison Square Garden sounds like fun but you can’t really connect with a group that large. Once you sellout out Carnegie Hall you can do any mic in the world.

Who has influenced you? 

Pryor has influenced me the most…he turned comedy into freedom. When I’m on stage I can smell it but I’m still trying to taste it. I’m more free onstage than off it but I won’t stop until I’m as free as he was.

What social media do you use?

I’m just on Twitter and Instagram as @yoseangrant mostly to stalk twerkers and porn stars. I need to take it more seriously so my agent doesn’t drop me.

Describe live comedy in 5 words or less

Comedy unites like nothing else. 


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