Entertainment Spotlight, Meet Actor Kevin Carolan

When did you know you wanted to be an actor?  I knew I wanted to perform from a very early age. I like getting family to laugh, so when I learned I could do that as a job? Yes, please.

How do theater and tv/film roles stand out for you?  (Not sure I understand the question). Theatre gets an immediate response, I think musical roles (like Amos in CHICAGO) work best with a live audience. TV/Film has so much more technical work involved; where to stand, being in the specific light, and how the camera picks up EVERYTHING. 

But concerning other actors roles in theatre and tv/film, I’m happiest when I discover an actor that’s new to me, and I fall in love with their choices. Then I get to look around for other performances by that actor. It’s the best kind of treasure hunt! 

 What do you want visitors and locals to know about being an actor? Oh gosh, It’s a tough life, hustling for jobs, but visitors, locals, heck, people in general should know that we do this because we HAVE to. I really don’t know what other occupation I could be in and remain happy and sane. It’s the making money part that gets difficult.

How has being part of the cast of newsies been for you? Newsies is a very special show for me. I was in the original company pre-Broadway and on Broadway, and the fan support for this show is off the charts. The team assembled, from director all the way to our crew, knew they were part of something special, and their work on this show speaks to that level of love.

 What social media do you use?   I maintain a presence on Facebook. Instagram and Twitter, slightly less so. But I’m slowly comin’ around!

Describe being an actor in 5 words or less

Passion for play, connections made.


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