Entertainment Spotlight, Learn About FSU’s Improv Group, No Bears Allowed!

How did No Bears Allowed get started?No Bears was founded as a student organization 5 years ago. A number of guys who have all graduated now started the club just to practice improv and they didn’t perform their first show until one full year later. AJ Chin, one of the founders, really transformed the group from a hangout for a couple friends to an actual club with workshops and shows. 

What do you want visitors and locals to know about No Bears Allowed that they may not already know? 

While No Bears is a student organization at FSU our classes are for the general public and we would love to be more involved with the community, doing shows at bars and restaurants is a lot of fun for us. We are also spearheading a fundraiser for Hilarity For Charity, a charity group founded by FSU Alumnus Lauren Miller. We’ve held the charity event, 10 Hours of Comedy, the past two years and have raised just over $3,000 dollars. This year, because of the exponential growth we’ve experienced, our goal is to reach $30,000.

How has No Bears Allowed prepared group members for the improv industry?

Learning improv is something that can be applied to almost any field, and is a great tool for anyone but especially college students. Improv helps you think on your feet, be adaptive, be supportive, be confident, and be creative. We’ve had multiple members graduate and attend UCB in New York or Improv Olympic and Second City in Chicago. One of No Bear’s founders performs and teaches at UCB in LA. We’re a young group, but we are expanding fast. But for those not interested in going into comedy for a living it has helped them build confidence in whatever it is they want to do.

What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)? 
No Bears can be found on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/NoBearsAllowed/

Our Twitter is @NoBearsComedy

and we’ve even got a snapchat! NoBearsFSU

Describe No Bears Allowed in 5 words or less 

Unique, Fast-paced, Hilarious, Growing, Family 


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