Get To Know the Creative Services Director, Mike Goldstein


Mike Goldstein is a Tallahassee native (he has been in the capital city since he was one). He has grown up as the city has. Mike is a WT Moore Mustang, Swift Creek Timberwolf and 1/2 Lincoln Trojan 1/2 SAIL Pirate, and is proud to call Tallahassee his home. He grew up with Tallahassee as it is still growing as a city.

Mike is not the social butterfly some of you may know him as today. He was a late bloomer and took his time coming out of his shell. He was a Pokemon master in his youth and still holds onto that child like sense of wonder. You can catch MikeĀ  at a food truck or out and about in the local karaoke scene.

He is a movie fanatic (Gremlins is his favorite) and avid gamer (Playstation all the way). Mike will even admit to being a comic book addict (Spiderman is his go to superhero). He has even been known to go a a comic con every now and then!

Mike spent eight years working retail at Target. He decided to leave this past year to devote more time to Capital City Pedicabs and is looking forward to spending the holidays with his family.

He is also currently pursuing an AS in Graphic Design at Tallahassee Community College and hopes to one day work in a studio setting as well as continue to do graphic work for Capital City Pedicabs.

You can find Mike online at (for Graphics), and (for Capital City Pedicabs)

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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