Entertainment Spotlight:Comic Book Artist Drew Geraci

Meet comic book artist Drew Geraci for our next entertainment spotlight!

When did you know you wanted to be a comic book artist? I first wanted to be a comic book artist and writer at the age of seven. I got hooked by the bright colors, the in-your face covers Marvel had in the 1970s. Plus the intense fist fights and crazy melodrama inside. At the time I thought DC comics were too polite. I finally grew to like DC and the indie publishers like Eclipse, First, PC, and more.

What have you noticed about the comic book community over the years? There is a lot of cool merch that draws in new readers. If your wife likes a cool Wonder Woman t-shirt, she may take an interest in comics like you do, and vice versa. If your husband doesn’t like comics but likes the show Walking Dead, show him the comics. Lots of synergy.

What is your craziest convention story? 

First convention I headlined, my parents, my Uncle Larry and Aunt Angela all showed up to surprise me! All the way from Pittsburgh to Atlanta! A total curveball.

What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)? I now do both comic book art and write a new action/crime/rocknRoll prose series, The Demands
If you’re interested in a comic art commission of your favorite character, you can contact me at:


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drew.geraci1

Twitter: @DrewGeraci
About The Demands Book One:

Laney Kilburn turns a group of damaged goods into a kick-ass rock band called The Demands. They build a following in Pittsburgh, one bar at a time, some owned by the Russian Mob. Between the mob and infighting, can they go the distance and become a national act? The underside of the indie music business, with dark humor and darker deeds on the road to success for a band striving for survival and recognition. Mature Readers. Book One of The Demands series.
To purchase a copy of The Demands Book One, you can either get the Kindle or print version exclusively through Amazon. There’s a free preview of the opening chapter on:

The Demands Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/The-Demands-1632175777029260/timeline/

http://www.drewgeraciauthor.com for another free (non spoiler) chapter preview of The Demands Book One.



What is your most prized panel you have done art on?  


 Birds of Prey #8, where Nightwing and Oracle kiss. Chuck Dixon, known for action, wrote a perfect romance story.

Describe the comic book community in 5 words or less Fun-loving, room for everybody

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