Entertainment Spotlight, Meet Voice Actor Gregg Berger!

Headshot with Characters
Meet voice actor Gregg Berger for another Entertainment Spotlight!
When did you know you wanted to be a voice actor?
GB: Hey, HI! thanks for your interest. Truth is I didn’t really consider acting until college. That’s not to say that I haven’t always been fascinated by voice driven characters (I have!)… and I also spent every Saturday morning as a kid watching all of my favorite shows and cartoons… but the thought of actually working in this industry… that hit me way later, as something to pursue using all of of my theater and improv training. But it’s been a love thang since I started voice acting. I love voice acting!
What have you noticed about the voice acting community over the years? 
GB: Well it’s grown exponentially. But so has the production. And I work in animation, interactive games, commercials, narrations and promo/trailer, so there is alot to chase LOL. But the talent pool is enormous and there are alot of actors hoping to be cast in each and every role. Of course the truth is, you are only really competing against yourself, …the goal is to always give your personal best and then hope that will be the choice of the producers. It was already ‘a’ choice of the casting director or you wouldn’t be there in the first place, lol. The voice community tends to understand this, so the colleagues that I have worked and auditioned with over the years are an extraordinary group of people, and it’s always great when we repeatedly bump into each other in studios in L.A.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about voice acting that they may not already know? 
GB: In this industry, I consider that the ‘ job’ is really auditioning and showcasing. The best of the gigs feel more like getting paid to play (while exceeding the production team’s expectations!). The atmosphere in the booth on both sides of the glass is so creative that the energy and vibe become contagious. But, to hope to work with the best in this industry, you have to have talent and energy and sensibilities that make YOU among the best in the industry.’ With great rewards come great responsibilities’ applies to this industry too!

What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)? 
http://www.greggberger.com (with playable demos!)
FB facebook.com/greggberger
imdb.com —-search Gregg Berger
In what scenario would any number of the characters you have voiced over the years be brought together?
GB: There are already some inspired crossovers that fans imagine where the (G.I.) JOES and Transformers team up. Just have Agent K time/space travel and he can join em. Throw in a vacation gone wrong again and Odie, Squeak, Garfield and Jon might wind up in the middle of all of it. Set it near Monster School and The Gromble might get caught by surprise. Cornfed and Duckman might even get sent in to investigate….somebody stop me…LOL!
Describe the voice acting community in 5 words or less 
GB: Smart, funny, professional, crazy talented
GB: Thanks again for your interest!


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