Meet Karen Emanuelson and learn about the Technology Community for our October Local Spotlight

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This month we are spotlighting Karen Emanuelson and continuing with the Technology theme. Here’s what she had to say!

What brings you to Tallahassee?

New opportunities. Tallahassee is looking forward and promoting new startups and new technologies. In addition to working with my Reciprocate LLC marketing clients, I’m honored to have the opportunity to serve as the Marketing Mentor for Domi Ventures and to assist with the EDC’s Entrepreneurial Excellence Program.
What have you noticed about the technology community over the years?

Technology is ever changing – at an accelerating pace – and many in the Tallahassee community embrace and advocate for these changes


What do you want visitors and locals to know about the technology community that they may not already know?
There are many opportunities for technology education in the area including a wonderful free option – Tech Talk Tuesdays in Tallahassee. Tech Talk Tuesdays in Tallahassee is a monthly event sponsored by Reciprocate LLC that investigates and explores ways to apply new technologies in your personal and professional life. Visit for details on upcoming Tech Talk Tuesdays topics.


What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)?

I enjoy sharing what I know.


Describe the technology community in 5 words or less
Constantly curious. Always anticipating change.

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