Entertainment Spotlight, Meet artist Austin Janowsky


Meet Austin Janowsky and learn about the Comic Book/Art Industry!

What brings you to Florida?

I got tired of winters and $500 per month heating bills in NY so I got a job down in Orlando, FL and moved in 1998

What have you noticed about the comic/art industry over the years?

The world got a lot smaller once the internet and social media blew up. There are artists from all over the globe working on US comics. Which has improved in some respects but diminished in others. Comic book industry has shrunk some while the amount of artists and books available has grown so there is an overlap. More people via-ing for fewer jobs.

What do you want visitors and locals to know about the industry that they may not already know?

The indy comic market is vast, diverse and just as good in quality of story and art as the big two ( or 4). In order to keep the comic industry going, people have to invest in indy comics I believe.

What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)?

Facebook: austinjanowskyart
deviantart: AustinJanowsky
Linkedin: Austin Janowsky
Twitter: @ajanowsky2002
Instagram: AustinJanowsky

Describe the art industry in 5 words or less:

The best art medium period.

Austin is going into his 21st year working in comics. His most recent work is a Variant cover that Pablo Marcos penciled for Dynamite Entertainment’s Red Sonja #100 issue.
He started as an inker working on indy comics like Vamperotica, Blood Hunter, Dragon’s Bane, Students of the Unusual! He then has done work in mainstream books like Iron Man: The End, X-Men Unlimited for Marvel, 10th Muse/Shi, 10th Muse 800, God Wars and Judo Girl for Alias Comics/Bluewater Productions, Ink Assists on: Tomb Raider & Necromancer for Top Cow, Colors on Invincible cover design, Lettering work on John Carpenter’s Aslyum for StormKing, Witch Girls and Witch Girls Tales for Magna Comix, Illustrated sketch cards for Vamperilla, Red Sonja, The Avengers & Iron Man 3, Wizards of the Coast’s GI Joe, and illustrated a Donald Trump story for Cracked Magazine!
Austin has also done projects under his imprint TinSky Studios: 7th Millennium, TAN, Stanley the Snowman and his exciting new project Divine Retribution.

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