Meet TJ Lewis and learn about Urban Tallahassee for our August Local Spotlight!

tj lewis

What brings you to Tallahassee? My parents in 1987 looking for a better
place to raise us kids after their attempt to purchase a home in Jackson,
MS (dad¹s hometown) was thwarted by vandalism later determined to be an
act of hate by local authorities.
How did urban Tallahassee come about? UrbanTallahassee is the
digitalization of a collection I¹ve been building since childhood on
Tallahassee¹s growth and development. The idea behind UrbanTallahassee is
to show the online world what Tallahassee has to offer, and expose
Tallahassee¹s growth to the local population in hopes that more people
become inspired by the progress of the community and invested in its
sustained success.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about urban tallahassee that
they may not already know? I want them to know this is where to go for
ANYTHING related to Tallahassee¹s future (at least as far as the makeup of
the physical place is concerned). We cover it all and we do it better than
anyone. Any project is accessible to the public at all times. MORE
information is accessible to our members and PRIME! Subscribers.
What social media do you use (here’s your spot to promote)? We’re using
Facebook which talks to our Twitter account (@UrbanTally).
Describe urban Tallahassee in 5 words or less: Pro-Business, Community,
Growth for Tallahassee

urban tallahassee

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