Meet T-Rev and Learn About the Local Music Scene For Our April Spotlight

Trevor Williams 052

This month we are featuring T-Rev and Getting to Know the Tally Music Scene!

What brings you to Tallahassee?

I’ve lived here a little over 22 years, moved from Winter Haven, FL when my dad got a job offer, my family has settled here and we couldn’t be happier (We are Gator fans though, it gets pretty taxing lol)
What have you noticed about the Music Scene in Tallahassee over the years?

When I was in high school the music scene in Tallahassee was quite prosperous, from local bands to popular headliners! (The band Mayday Parade started in Tallahassee) Floyd’s Music Store was the place to be for local music almost every Friday or Saturday night. They even drew in mainstream acts like Daughtry and Kenny Chesney (to name a few). Floyd’s has a special place in my heart because I had the opportunity to play there with my very first band “Thirteenth Avenue” when I was 15! After Floyd’s shut down in early 2012 the music scene died a bit but with venues like Pug’s Live and The Side Bar it’s slowly picking back up with bands like Brightside, Sway Jah Vu, and The Brown Goose, and now that Cascades Park has an amphitheater, maybe we can get more bigger acts to come to Tallahassee again as well.
What social media do you use?

You can find me at these links
Twitter: @TrevMusicXpert
Instagram: @trevmusicxpert

My single See Right Through Me is available on iTunes as well

Describe the music scene in 5 words or less

Small community, but Rockin music

Trevor Williams 012

You can catch T-REV in the Tallahassee’s Got Talent contest on May 30th at the Elk lodge

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