Local Spotlight, Meet Carlos Miranda and learn about the Tallahassee Film Community

This Month we are featuring TCC Professor Carlos Miranda!
What brings you to Tallahassee?
I happened to end up in Tallahassee for graduate school. Did my fine arts master at FSU with a performance video art concentration. After graduate school, I got a great job at Tallahassee Community College teaching photography, 3D animation, few video production classes, got married and divorced and stayed here. Unfortunately, the video production AS degree programs I helped to create and implement for the college did not last long, so when we closed the programs I decided to pick up filmmaking where I had left off but move in a new direction, I no longer was interested in directing but in Cinematography and scriptwriting. All alone,  I have been in love with been behind the camera just never had figure it out that it was with framing, photograph and lighting the pictures and not directing them.

What have you noticed about the Film Scene in Tallahassee over the years?
Tallahassee film scene is growing. There are few more independent filmmakers and few of them have chosen to stay in town. Tallahassee has now two wonderful nascent film festivals: TallyShorts film festival geared toward home grown and international short films and TFFxFame for rare gems and internationally renown feature films. 
The film scene in Tallahassee is growing. This is evident for the growing number of locally made short films competing in last month TallyShorts film festival. 
The lack of film industry infrastructure doesn’t deters nor hampers anyone from becoming filmmakers.  Count that the closes grip, lighting or camera rental companies are either located in Atlanta, Orlando or Jacksonville, local filmmakers always find resources by reaching out to those with same mind and aspirations. What others see difficulties we see opportunity.  We volunteer on each other’s projects and forge contacts for future film projects. You can still feel the sense of community and pride here.
What do you want visitors and locals to know about the film community in Tallahassee that they may not already know?
We are here and we exist. We are always looking forward to enhance ties with the local community and we crave their support and investment.
What social media is the local film community currently using (here’s your spot to promote)?
We still use the old and tried method of word of mouth and the occasional smoke signals but Facebook, youtube, Craight list, Vimeo and others are very resourceful in connecting filmmakers alike.
Describe the film community in 5 words or less:
Loyal, effervescent, inventive and resourceful. 
Here are some stills from films done in the community!
film 1 film 2 film 3 film 4 film 5

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