Q&A with Ron Goldstein, president, Capital City Pedicabs, LLC

1. What is your business philosophy in operating CCP?

My philosophy is to provide the best green mode of transportation helping to change the carbon footprint one pedal at a time. Also, I feel it is important to provide a safe, fun, enjoyable, entertaining and profitable ride for the customers and drivers. It’s all about people connecting with other people.

2. Why did you choose to make this a family business?

My entrepreneurial spirit and appreciation for the value of family was formed working alongside my dad as a kid and growing up outside of Chicago. I have vivid memories at a young age trying to stay awake long enough to say good night to dad as he arrived home late. I also remember spending time with him on occasional Saturdays at his downtown business. The routine included re-sorting after shave bottles from bulk boxes and filling orders to going to Manny’s cafeteria on Maxwell Street for lunch and then going to the shoe store for new shoes. Seems like everyone knew my dad when we visited these businesses.

Fast forward to 1983 in Oldsmar, Florida where I had the opportunity to work with my dad again. This time he was in an import tool business.

Fast forward again to 2012, where I decided to create Capital City Pedicabs. It seemed natural to ask my son and nephew if they would be interested in joining me on this adventure. Both wholeheartedly agreed which allows me to keep my father’s entrepreneurial spirit alive for the next generation.

3. Do you think a family business orientation allows you to be more service oriented?

Customer service is the most important aspect of any business especially Capital City Pedicabs. Further, this orientation allows us to provide a more personalized approach to our business be more service orientated by bringing our own life experiences to the table and to apply what we know to the pedicab business.

4. What are your goals for Capital City Pedicabs?

I have three primary goals for Capital City Pedicabs (CCP) right now. I want to bring unique, fun and entertaining green transportation to our Capitol City. Second, I want to increase bicycle safety awareness. Third, I want to create economic opportunities for our area.

5. Where do you see Capital City Pedicabs in five years?

I see CCP as an established business with expansion to the surrounding areas.

6. Why do you think Capital City Pedicabs will be successful in Tallahassee?

I have lived in Tallahassee with my family since 1989. During that time, we have met many people and have established roots here. I believe we are positioned to offer alternative green transportation while creating a unique, fun experience for tourists and locals alike. I also believe Tallahasseans like to support local, family owned businesses. Aside from being the first of its kind for Tallahassee, it will spark tourism and add flavor to the local culture.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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