Local Entrepreneur Launches Green Transportation Company

Capital City Pedicabs provides entertaining, environmentally friendly alternative

Tallahassee, Florida, February 1, 2013. The promise and fun of pedal power sparked an entrepreneurial vision in long-time resident Ron Goldstein eight years ago, and now all Tallahassians are about benefit from a new transportation innovation plying the city’s streets.

Vacationing in New York City with his wife and two children, Ron was heading out on their planned visit to the iconic Empire State Building. What they couldn’t have anticipated was a taxi strike, forcing them to walk several blocks to the tourist location in the midst of a New York City winter.

After two blocks, Ron came across a pedicab, a bicycle powered carriage, and the seed was planted for what became Capital City Pedicabs, LLC in September 2012. Capital City Pedicabs is the first full-service pedicab operation to serve Downtown, Midtown, Gaines Street, Railroad Square and the Tennessee Street Strip.

“Our pedicabs use the latest technology of 21-speed mountain bikes, hydraulic breaks, running lights and real axle differentials,” Ron explains. “We put a big emphasis on safety, so all our drivers will go through training, become certified in pedicab operations, and be insured. Our drivers will be our city’s Ambassadors.”

Ron isn’t content to make this a solo venture. He’s enlisted his son, Mike, as Creative Services Director and his nephew, Rob Jacobs, as Marketing Director. After growing up working side-by-side with his father as a young boy, Ron notes it “seemed natural to ask my son and nephew if they would be interested in joining me on this adventure. Both wholeheartedly agreed which allows me to keep my father’s entrepreneurial spirit alive for the next generation.”

Capital City Pedicabs will start off with seven cabs, and Goldstein is planning routes that will serve restaurants, night spots, ATM locations and family-friendly venues. The cabs are custom manufactured by industry veteran Mainstreet Pedicabs in Denver, Colorado, a company with more than 20 years of experience in pedicab production. Goldstein expects delivery in early February 2013.

Advertising is available for corporate sponsors, and pedicabs can be rented out for special events and occasions. More information on Capital City Pedicabs, events, and advertising opportunities can be found by calling 850.296.7227, or emailing Ron Goldstein at Ron@capitalcitypedicabs.com.

About Capital City Pedicabs

Keeping the good times rolling since 2012!
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